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  1. If you do n’t use it, you recommend that you can turn the TEX to Word first, then switch from Word to PDF, and attach it to the method of Word to PDF.
    Method 1:
    The adoBe Acrobat of Adobe for transformation. Note that it must be a version. The Reader version does not have this feature.
    First install Adobe Acrobat (currently the highest version is 7.0). The system will automatically generate a virtual printer PDFMAKER. Is it understandable? You can open the document to be transformed and print it with a virtual printer generated by steel. However, for Word, Excel, etc., it is best to transform directly. Observe your Word program carefully, do you find an additional PDFMAKER toolbar? The first item of the noodle, then it is enough.
    The biggest benefit after installing Adobe Acrobat is that using Adobe Acrobat can edit various types of PDF documents. If you have installed the software, I think you will use it soon.
    , Adobe Acrobat can also convert the pictures on your computer into a PDF document. When you need it, use Adobe Acrobat to save the PDF document as a picture.

    Method two:
    In installation of PRO, and it will also produce a virtual printer. In this way, you can convert all the materials you can print into a PDF format.

    I wish you success, thank you!

  2. First, do you lack a macro bag and look at your screenshots? It seems that some orders cannot pass.
    Secondly, if you feel inappropriate, it is recommended to install the TexLive system. You can go:
    to install a good system and can once and for all.
    Third, if this problem occurs in the system, it is likely that your document is really wrong. Delete the AUX file under your folder. Compile again, by the way, the. Log file is under the folder where your source file is located.
    It best read a Latex entry book first, and then learn in practice.

  3. It should be that you have an error in your operation, please browse the software's help file and see how to operate the specific operation

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