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  1. The word "coin" comes from the LOL anchor electric baton chair (OTTO). During a certain game, the operation of teammates was extremely meal, so scolding teammates was "coin". Later, the word was drained to various circles.
    The electric rod wheelchair refers to the former professional player OTTO (also known as the electric baton, formerly known as Hou Guoyu) of the game "League of Legends". When playing the game, it looks like sitting in a wheelchair.
    has some problems with OTTO's legs before, and then customized a gaming chair, sitting on the chair as if lying down, and only the hand was operating, so he said that he was paraplegia and sat in a wheelchair.
    This definition
    The system is generated by the function of currency as circulation. The natural form of metal currency needs to be calculated and identified in circulation, which is inconvenient. In order to meet the needs of exchange development, the gold and silver weight of the gold and silver blocks according to the currency calculation of the gold and silver, the gold and silver pieces with a certain amount of color, pattern and shape, which forms a coin.
    The initial metal content of the coin is equal to the nominal metal content. However, the process of currency entering the circulation will be worn, and its actual metal content will be separated from the nominal metal content.
    This coinance of this kind of inadequate value can still be circulated according to the original face value. In this way, the coin is more or less symbol of its legal metal content. The mint has hidden the possibility of using pure currency symbols instead of metal currency to perform circulation means.

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