The XTRANSFER platform is received, why is there an XT in front of that account?

The company's English name has a more XT.

5 thoughts on “The XTRANSFER platform is received, why is there an XT in front of that account?”

  1. Because XT as a cooperation platform is treated quickly, it does not matter if it is not added, but the timeliness will be slower. XT can open a Hong Kong receipt account with domestic companies and individual households, exempt account opening fees and management fees. It can only receive a loan of the derivative of the derivative of the trade export. Cooperation banks include Hong Kong Citi, Stars, and European and Korean local banks. They can only transfer local transfer, Hong Kong, and Europe, and South Korea. Background: Investment of China Merchants Venture Capital, Ali EWTP, and strategic cooperation with the China Trade Council, China Payment Clearing Association member units, Hong Kong, Britain, the United States, Canada, and Australia paid licenses.
    This information
    XTRANSFER is the newly -integrated net infrared foreign trade collection method of former Ali executives who leave and start a business. It is led by China Merchants and Ali. Company or individual households can register for free. Do not charge any fees. Xtransfer, the fastest day. Free account opening, no annual fee management fee and account fees, no capital flow requires accounts to stop risk; you can use the company's English name as a bank account name to avoid the embarrassment of pinyin. The global receipts and local banks of European and American banks are opened for free. It is very convenient to withdraw the restrictions on the legal person's account, and there is no restrictions on the settlement of US $ 50,000 a year, which is very convenient.
    of course, many friends will say that there are more information about Xtransfer's withdrawal requirements. This can be divided into two parts. If you do not settle in exchange, the original currency withdrawal, as long as you need to provide PI or CI, and the logistics list, there is no difference from other foreign trade collection methods. Security and national foreign exchange requirements, the data are required, but they are all within a reasonable range. The XTRANSFER process is clear and customer service services are in place, and you will guide you to provide information. As long as it is a regular trade, the information is provided according to the requirements.
    Rotten risk control services:
    In help SMEs to control the risk of transaction risk management control risks: Grasp the international sanctions regulations and stay away from sanctions risks.
    The risk of fraud: big data -driven monitoring system, identifying fraud risks, and protecting the ecology of the foreign trade industry.
    The legal compliance of the source of funds: Due to the dedication of trading opponents, safe collection.

  2. XT seems to be their VIP logo at the Star Show Bank, which is not available, that is, the timeliness is slower. If it is added, it will help the accounts.

  3. I have asked their customer service. It seems that the bank's investigation is artificial. XT as a cooperative platform is treated with fast entry.

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