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  1. I just took a look at you on the Internet just now. This is a psychological. This currency, this currency can buy something in other stores.

  2. RNEC will use energy digital currency as energy, open up new energy saving channels, and actively explore the future of sustainable energy development. To solve the relationship between energy production and consumption, solve the problem of assignment and exchange of energy production consumption, transportation and storage process, and solve the problem of unclear digital currency boundaries. At the same time It is endorsed by physical electrical energy. Each RNEC token represents the real power store stored in the distributed energy storage device of micro grids. Users use their own clean energy power generation equipment to measure in real time through the smart meter supported by RNEC. The system will automatically issue the RNEC tokens through the smart contract.

    RNEC (renewable energy chain) will fully realize the credible management of energy data to create a RNE community that adapts to the future. Its core is a decentralized system based on the clean energy metering, registration, management, transaction and settlement of the network and local micrometers (Mirco-GRID). RNEC is a distributed bookkeeping and application expansion system for comprehensive energy systems and green finance ecology. RNEC uses blockchain technology to store and manage energy data, solve the problem of dislikes between participating subjects, and realize the credible management of energy data. At the same time, RNE realizes that the data can be followed, and the accounts can be checked. Energy data is measured through the intelligent measurement device and uploaded to the blockchain in real time. The authorized participants can check the data on the blockchain at any time. The blockchain guarantees the irreplaceable data and the open and transparent data.

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