4 thoughts on “Which of the Bitcoin contract is better?”

  1. To do contracts, it is recognized that the OKEX Bitcoin Exchange must be the most professional. OK has a very strong liquidity. As long as the price is appropriate, it can be sold.

  2. Of course, choosing the one that suits you best, and knows yourself the easiest to control, because the library is, because you can only hit you when you can use it for that thing, you can use the Deqing when you can use it. Benefit

  3. In contrast, 58Coin has never had downtime since its launch, nor does it have a fixed -point explosion and warehouse allocation. One has no celebrities endorsing and the other is not promoting. Instead, he puts all his energy on product research and development.

  4. Don't touch the contract, don't touch the contract, don't touch the contract. The risk and addiction of the contract are too great. On the 12th, 10 billion yuan was built on the 12th. Imagine that most people went bankrupt. To tell the truth, playing contracts are not as good as financial management,

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