5 thoughts on “Q coin can be transferred to Tenpay?”

  1. Q coins: belong to virtual currency.
    Tei payment: belongs to real currency.
    only Tenpay can be purchased for Q coins, and Q coins cannot be transferred to Tenpay.
    Q coins, referred to as QB, also known as QQ coins, Tencent Q coins, etc. Usually its price is 1Q coins = 1 RMB, and it is generally 10 % off using Tencent to shoot network transactions.
    QB is a virtual currency launched by Tencent, which can be used to pay QQ line numbers and QQ membership services for QQ. Tencent Q coins, obtained by buying QQ cards, telephone recharge, bank card recharge, network recharge, mobile phone recharge cards, card recharge cards, etc.
    QQ card surface value is 10 yuan, 15 yuan, 30 yuan, 60 yuan, 100 yuan, 200 yuan.
    The also exists in the electronic cryptocurrency circle, the name is QQCoin, which is not related.

  2. 钱 钱 (包 wallet) q card, cannot be recharged or transferred to Tenpay, you can only use Tenpay to recharge the q coin.
    Ittaids are like a virtual bank
    For example: you use the money from the bank card and buy a piece of clothes with this money, but in the end the clothes cannot be stored in the bank r

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  3. No
    Is you can use the online bank to pay for the Tenpay Pay for 1 point, or you or your friend to trade with 1 point of money. It takes 1 point to light up. After litting

  4. You can only use the money payment in the bank card
    The mobile phone balance and QB, Q point, or other game currency cannot be recharged by Tenpay. These are virtual currencies.

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