Is the blockchain nourishing pet and Ether clown a network pyramid scheme?

I heard it is a game that can make money. I don't know if it is online MLM

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  1. Hi, the ugly pet is coming, are you "beauty"?
    Hi everyone, I am a clown, my serious full name. Making a real blockchain pet development game, today officially opened internal test!
    The pets that are loved by people, in addition to "beauty", what other characteristics do I have?
    I, I will coquettish with the owner every day;
    . I will work to make money when eating, eat less and earn more;
    me, soak my eyebrows not only does not spend the owner's money, but also Can make money (male clowns);
    I, I have a baby's figure, and the baby can make money when you grow up. The baby's baby can make money when he grows up.
    I, I carry 54 -bit gene code (well, several pairs of 23 pairs), engraved the genes that my ancestors and parents gave me, and my own random gene, they decided to look like: Background color, clothes pattern, skin pattern. Occasionally, genetic mutations may be obtained, and some particularly scarce shapes are obtained. Anyway, I am unique!
    I is a digital collection, which is my most typical and most important feature. I am a non -standard digital currency (such as Ethereum, each unit is equivalent, we call it standard digital currency), each of our siblings represent the value of a currency, and it will follow the owner After careful care, the value is getting higher and higher. If the owner has a new love, you can sell me to make money at any time. I swear that I will not help you count the money. Really!
    I, based on the blockchain, you must never change: All of my behavior will be recorded on Ethereum. The owner passes the verification of a third -party platform and can clearly query all the above or more of me and my partners. Data information. The gentleman is frank, and we are talking about us. The code of our smart contract is open source, and the owners can view it arbitrarily.
    Next, let me briefly introduce the gameplay.
    is based on digitalized, collectible blockchain games developed by Ethereum blockchain. Using Ethereum to adopt the clown, at the same time can be resold. You can also use them to breed a new generation of clowns with all kinds of strange shapes. You can also cultivate them and let them work to make money. Continuousness and playability.
    1. The generation of clowns
    The mechanism of clowns is divided into two types, one is official output, and the other is breeding output between two clowns.
    The officially produced clowns produced one every 15 minutes, and the total amount is only 50,000. At some specific moments, the official will also release some strange clown with special shapes. The price of native clown is the average price of the last five clown transactions on the market.
    two different gender clowns can reproduce the next generation in the breeding center of the market. In each group of breeding pairs, a clowns who take on the role of father can receive the fees paid by the other party (the owner of the mother), breeding After a certain period of recovery, the length of the recovery period is related to the gene of the clown. There will be a period of pregnancy in the mother of the mother. Before she gave birth to her baby, she was unable to breed with other clowns. Each number of clowns is unlimited, but the recovery and pregnancy period will increase as they breed.
    2, the appearance of the clown
    The appearance of each clown is determined by the unable to improvises stored in a smart contract. Each gene is unique, so each clown is unique and unique of.
    The clown shape consists of the attributes of 8 parts. The attributes of each part are common and rare. The number of rare attributes is less than ordinary attributes, which also makes the clown with rare attributes more precious.
    The appearance of breeding clowns is greatly related to the genetic genes carried by parents and parents. The descendants have a high probability that they will inherit the appearance of some parts of the parents. Change may become a clown that is completely different from parents.
    3, clown transaction
    The clown can be used directly for transactions.
    Selling: Users can choose the clown to hang in the trading market for auction, and they can sell multiple clown. During the sale, users need to formulate the highest starting price, minimum receiving price, and auction time. The auction adopts Dutch auction. During the auction time, it gradually transitions from the highest price set by the seller to the minimum price. After the preset auction time is over, the minimum price of the owner is sold. If the owner is unwilling to sell it at a low price, a long auction time can be set up, or the clown in the sale.
    Buy: Buyers choose the clown in the trading market and pay Ethereum to buy Ethereum to buy their favorite clown. When buyers buy, the auction price is sold at the current time point. If you have a clown you like, but temporarily feel that the price is not appropriate, if you want to pay attention, you can collect the clown after you like it. You can understand the dynamics of this clown through "my attention" later.
    4, clown attributes and work
    The clown attribute value has four types: growth value, strength value, agile value, and wisdom value. The 0 generation clowns through the value of each attribute, the non -0 -generation clown obtained by breeding is mainly inherited through inheritance.
    The attribute value can be changed by eating food.
    In the growth value of the clown (100 points), you can go to the factory to work to make money (ETH). Different types of factories have different clowns. As the Academy of Dream Sciences requires the wisdom value of each job clown. The clown with a wisdom value of more than 800 goes to work in the Dream Sciences Academy of Dream Sciences. The clown with less than 300 goes to work, and the income will be reduced.
    This workers consume physical strength, a total of 120 points of physical strength, 1 point consumption every 12 minutes, up to 24 hours. During the period of not working, physical strength can be recovered and recovered every 8 minutes.
    The work after the time reaches 0 or clown's physical strength is completed. At 0 o'clock every day, the clown work income is settled at the actual working hours. Every 12 minutes is a job, it is not calculated in less than 12 minutes.
    5, clown food and feeding
    Plords can purchase spinach, beef, carrots, walnuts and other foods through the mall to feed clown pets.
    The food price is related to the price of native clowns on the platform the day before. Therefore, the owners can accumulate some foods when the food price is low.
    If feeding spinach is helpful to the growth value,

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