2 thoughts on “Is the monkey that is really not smart?”

  1. There are two meanings of the original meaning of the three twilight.

    . It means that the monkey raising man is clever. He applied a small plan and played a group of monkeys between the palms of the stock;

    . It is the stupid of the monkey —— "Fighting Three and Twilight Four" and "Four and Twilight Three", the essence is unchanged, but it has changed slightly in form. It has deceived all monkeys.

    The economics tells us that if the total income is the same, the income comes early than it is late, because the former can bring more wealth.

    Why are the income from coming late?

    1. Inflation may depreciate the items, so the risk of early than late

    2, even if it does not matter, no matter the risk, even the currency, the exchange of goods, in the exchange of objects exchange In the era, income is already more cost -effective than night. The key here is the existence of interest.

    The appearance of interest requires the market, that is, exchanges. This is a innocent interest, which must be a positive number higher than zero.

    The story was used to laugh at monkeys before, but from the current economic perspective, "Chao Si Twilight Three" is smaller than the risk of "Chao Sanwan Four". Essence

    The choice of monkeys to the current "market" is smart. It is just that there is no ancient in ancient times, and monkeys are regarded as stupid.

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