3 thoughts on “Questions about World of Warcraft buying and selling game currency”

  1. The premise is that the amount of transaction is relatively large, such as more than 10,000g. And the two parties of the transaction do not know each other. That is, there is no name for each other in the list of friends and friends.
    The case is often happening. Once I just sent 20000g to the trumpet and was frozen for 3 days. You can only say that you are lying down and shot.
    It is now very strict in NetEase, but it is generally not caught. Because trading is ongoing every day. Netease is basically a bit unusual to catch a few transactions every day to kill chickens.
    So the amount of money should not be too large when trading, just a few transactions. If you can add it to your friends, it will be more appropriate.

  2. The transaction amount is a multiples of 100, two people who do not know before conduct trading, recharge with the recent account,

  3. In addition, the so -called transaction volume is really dangerous. Essence Essence Because this is called abnormal data. Essence So for example, you have to give friends or make money for yourself. It is best to trade something (items) by the way. It is said that this can prevent the possibility of lying on the shot. Essence Essence

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