1 thought on “CVT and DCT, who is more suitable for survive in China”

  1. CVT usually refers to a car transmission, also called a stepless transmission, which has a history of more than 100 years. The difference between CVT and class transmission is that its gear ratio is not a intermittent point, but a series of continuous values, thereby realizing good economy, dynamic and driving smoothness, and reduced emissions and costs. In addition, CVT also refers to Intel's clear video technology and capacitive voltage transformers.
    The dual -clutch automatic transmission (referred to as DCT) is based on a manual gearbox. Unlike the manual gearbox, the two clutches in the DCT are connected to the two input shafts, and the shift and clutch operations are achieved by a mechanical electronic module of an integrated electron and hydraulic element. Instead of operating through the clutch pedal.
    but DCT is only digital currency. DCT is the tokens of the blockchain content release platform Decent. Some time ago, the platform conducted Bitcoin crowdfunding.

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