1 thought on “How to hit the two vertical lines of VM virtual machine”

  1. Hold down the shift key, and then hold the key on the car Enter key. The marked | line on it is the key of the slash.
    C language programming, when you need to play a dual vertical line, you should switch the English input method, hold down the Shift key and the right slope key (the large keyboard area of ​​the keyboard has only one right slash key), you can make a single vertical vertical vertical vertical vertical. Line, enter a single vertical line again to become a dual vertical line, just press this key once to play the right slash symbol.
    VM's full name is: VMware, a system that does not need to be installed on the computer, is equivalent to a platform, similar to Android simulator installation software. The trouble can freely arrange memory size, separate from the host, can work, freely connected.

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