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  1. NGO, the abbreviation of the word "Non-" in English, refers to the associations, associations, foundations, charitable trusts, non-profit companies or other legal persons of the government departments under specific legal systems. Non -government organizations.

    NGO's rise in the world in the 1980s. With the increasingly prominent global population, poverty, and environmental problems, people have found that it is impossible to solve the problem of sustainable development of human beings by relying on the traditional governments and markets. As a response, NGO grows quickly and constitutes a new level of society.

    NGO is not a government or driven by power; it is not an economy, especially not driven by economic benefits. NGO's motivation is the spirit of volunteer.

    The developed modern society requires developed non -governmental organizations. According to surveys, the total number of non -governmental organizations in the United States exceeds 2 million, with a total of more than 500 billion yuan, and more than 9 million staff members. Such a huge and active non -governmental agency (NGO) is supported by the institutional structure of the "big society, small government" in the United States. The source of this system is related to the tradition of immigrants and self -service self -service self -service self -service self -service self -service self -service.

    The economic sources of non -governmental organizations are mainly social and private donations. Various private foundations in the United States have the powerful private foundations that support the various NGOs of the United States. The state establishes a system that can be deducted from taxes from taxes and encourages donations.

    NGO is the government's effective "pressure reducing valve" and "stabilizer", and there are also spiritual functions that cannot be ignored. There are two types of NGOs in China: one is the top -down NGO, which has a long history and the characteristics of "semi -official"; the other is mostly established by folk people. At present, the nation's slightly well -known non -governmental spontaneous public welfare NGO is about 300. China NGO is mainly concentrated in environmental protection, women's fields, and poverty alleviation fields, such as Beijing's "friend of nature", "Earth Village", "Green Home Volunteer", and Tianjin's "green friend".

    The international well -known NGO

    Green Peace Organization: One of the most influential environmental NGOs in the world today. Since 1971, it is known for its radical, tenacious and firm in the United States' approval of Alaska in the United States.

    The borders -free Health Organization: Founded in France in 1971, mainly composed of some medical assistance volunteers. The purpose is to provide people with medical assistance, especially disaster relief assistance.

    The International Animal Foundation: Founded in 1969, the purpose is to prevent abuse of animals.

    Mou Foundation: Founded in 1936, one of the world's largest private foundation. In 1988, the Ford Foundation was one of the first international non -governmental organizations allowed by the Chinese government to set up office agencies in China.

    The British Rescue Children's Association: One of the largest international non -governmental organizations in the UK, founded in 1919, is an important member of the International Alliance of the Children's Association. British assistance children will take London as the headquarters to carry out projects in more than 60 developing countries around the world.

    Thekawa Heping Heping Consortium: Founded in 1986. In order to further promote the friendly relations between China and Japan, the Sakawa Heping Consortium and the China International Friendship Association jointly established the China -Japan Friendship Exchange Fund, with a total amount of 10 billion days Yuan (approximately 650 million yuan) is the largest civil -friendly exchange special fund in China and Japan.
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