1 thought on “18.88 million sky -high Rolls -Royce Phantom LWB where is expensive”

  1. It is expensive and has its own expensive truth. In fact, it is just so expensive in China. The price of pounds in foreign countries is not so expensive to convert it into RMB. One is hype, and the other is the price of the original price and overseas shipping price of foreign countries. The price of businessmen to earn profits is the reason why imported luxury cars are so expensive. Another brand made of hand -made cars as a top luxury car is originally expensive. For ordinary phantoms, it is as high as 300,000 pounds. No LWB is exclusive to customized. What you call 18.88 million is the price after all configurations. Looking at the connotation, the interior of the body is either solid wood or leather, even the carpet is superior wool. The wine on the bar is crystal. Inch -lifting TV screens, etc. These things that were originally selected on the ordinary version were all standard on LWB. A umbrella sells for 4W RMB. The steering wheel was sewn by the old craftsman. Another one is limited to sale. Just these points you say that this kind of magic car is not expensive?

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