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  1. Make dog clothes
    A beautifully fitted pet costume, wearing it on your baby will not only make it feel comfortable, but also attract the envy of others to make you a master who feels glory. It also satisfies your baby's small vanity!
    So how can you make your baby's clothing fit and beautiful?
    of course Ah!
    cloth (here is a square scarf of the cover of the microwave), the mother buckle,
    pin line, and scissors.
    1. Dig two holes in the front leg of a good dog, and use the wire to wrap the edges.
    2. The part of the collar is folded and cut a one -inch mouth (for the collar).
    3. A row of mother buckles on each side of the cloth.
    4. Completed! The lower left is positive, and the lower right is the back.

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