3 thoughts on “Can pet dogs really can't eat meat?”

  1. Of course, pet dogs can eat meat, but it is best to eat. Because dogs eat raw meat, it is easy to start to like biting people.
    The food for dogs. Essence Personally, it is better to give dogs a special food.
    The dog food contains a lot of things that are good for dogs, but human food is different.
    The foods that humans eat can be used as ingredients, additives, etc., which is very bad for dogs.
    For example, sweets can easily make dogs open mites, salty ones will make the dog hair loss, spicy can stimulate the dog, Barabala.
    Phoga is the most insurance and the best choice.
    If you want to eat food for dogs, it is best not to put it too much.
    Barded, pay attention to supplementing calcium to the dog, there are special calcium tablets ~
    If you still do n’t know it, you can ask it ~ I wish the dog's dog's body awesome ~

  2. 1 Although there are many proteins in the meat, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and iodine are less; at the same time, there are less calcium phosphorus in the meat and only eating meat for a long time, which can easily cause dysfunction in the puppy puppies in the body of calcium and phosphorus ratio. And bone formation disorders are easy to break or occur.
    2 Some owners feed dogs with the liver as meat. A small amount of liver is actually good for dogs, but if too much, it may cause nutritional problems. Because the liver contains vitamin A of high units, take too much vitamin to vitamins A, may cause vitamin A poisoning or vitamin A hyperactivity.
    3 The correct feeding method is meat, bones, internal organs, vegetables and fruits, is the best way to feed dogs.

  3. Yes, if you are cooked meat, you can eat any dogs, what dogs should be seen if raw meat. Generally, medium and large dogs can be eaten. I have seen many large dogs who say that their dogs eat raw meat.

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