4 thoughts on “Every time I see other people's Corgi, there is no tail. Is there a tail with a Corgi dog?”

  1. Every time I see other people's Corgi, there is no tail. Is there a tail with a Corgi dog? Everything in the world has its own characteristics, and the same is true of pet dogs. If you have research on pet dogs, you will find that the Corgi dog has no tail. In our impression Corki has no tail? Each dog has its unique body structure, so it is not surprising that Corgi dogs have no tail. Today, I will take you to understand the reason why the Corgi dog has no tail!

    It is said that Corgi dogs were specifically watched in ancient times. The reason for not leaving tails was because they were afraid of the cow to step on the Corgi dog's tail. Moreover The pet dog is easily stepped on by the cow, so it is also for the safety of the Corgi dog without leaving tails. This habit has been stayed until now. Generally, the tail is cut off the next day after the Corgi is born, so the Corgi dog we see is no tail. Instead of cutting all the tails, I left a ball ball, so it looks more cute.

    It if you want to learn how to give a Corgi dog, you can also teach you. First fix the Corgi dog, don't let it move, then organize the dog's tail, tie the Corgi dog's dog with a rope, and then cut off. The bones are relatively weak, so the tail dog that cuts it will not be very painful. If it grows up, it will be particularly painful. After cutting, use alcohol to eliminate drugs to prevent bacterial infections.
    If the Corgi dog is raised but does not know that the Corgi dog is going to cut the tail, don't stubbornly do it. You can only go to the hospital for surgery to cut the tail, because the bones of the Corgi dogs when they grow up are all It is relatively strong, and it will be painful if the cut is cut, and if the owner comes to break his tail, the relationship between the owner and the dog may become bad, because the Corgi dog will stay away from the owner because of the fierceness of the owner, so you still have to do it. When the Corgi dog was born, he was quickly cut off.

  2. There is
    "Corgi has a tail, but under normal circumstances, Corgi is about to be broken after birth, so Corgi usually has no tail.

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