5 thoughts on “What can I use to remove the dog's urine?”

  1. Generally, disinfection spray with sodium chloride as the main disinfection ingredient, but this disinfectant is relatively stimulating to the dog's nasal cavity. You need to avoid dogs to contact. , Will not cause dogs to discomfort. In addition, it is necessary to clean up the dog's urine in time. If the urine is formed, the taste is not easy to dissipate, and then the dog's daily drinking water is increased.

  2. If you want to remove the smell of dog urine, you can add some salt to the mop water, which can effectively remove the urine flavor. The salt also plays a bactericidal effect. Every time the dog is dragged, the dog will still urinate in the same place, that is, it does not completely remove the urine smell, and the dogs are still smelled, so it will urinate in the beginning. taste.

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