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  1. The dog's sudden paralysis may not stand up because the dog was frightened, injured, disliked, or neuritis. Different reasons may cause the dog to be paralyzed suddenly. The specifics are as follows:

    1, the dog is frightened, resulting in unable to stand. If you are frightened, the owner should not worry too much, and give the dog more soothe, usually the dog can restore the exercise ability after half an hour.
    2, the dog suffers from trauma and cannot stand due to pain. First of all, the owner should carefully observe whether the dog has obvious trauma. If there is any trauma, he must take it to the hospital for disinfection in time.
    3, the dogs caused by the dislocation of the bone suddenly unable to stand. The dislocation of the bone is a common joint disease among small dogs. Generally, puppies that are often walking upright are prone to hair. A few legs occur during exercise and walking three legs. In the later stage, the leg muscles will shrink and cannot be treated. , Avoid the worsening condition.
    4, neuritis can cause the dog to be paralyzed suddenly. Most dogs are due to the lack of neuritis caused by vitamin B. They usually occur suddenly, causing motor disorders, and severe duration for several hours or days. Before most dogs become ill, they often appear as lame, trembling, and weakness of the back of the back, and gradually paralyzed. If diagnosis is diagnosed, it should be treated as soon as possible.
    The owner must carefully observe the symptoms of the dog's sudden paralysis. If abnormalities occur, they must seek medical treatment in time.

  2. There are many reasons for the sudden paralysis, either the

    or the disability caused by the bone, paralysis, and paralysis caused by neurological problems.

  3. Dogs suddenly paralyzed were severe trauma by spinal cord. You need to take it to the pet hospital as soon as possible for treatment.

  4. The cause of dog paralysis

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  5. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThere are many reasons for answering dog paralysis! 1. Usually there is no good nutrition for dogs. Some people think that puppies can eat supplements when they are young. When they grow up, they do n’t need it. When they grow up, they do not absorb enough calcium, causing long -term calcium deficiency. Over time, it will over time. Over time, it will over time. It was paralyzed, and this was normal. For dog food alone, give the dog some egg yolk, and make the food yourself. Of course, sprinkle calcium tablets or calcium powder into dog food. 2. In addition to this cause of calcium deficiency, the dog is paralyzed, and some accidents are also, such as a car accident, so everyone puts the dog out to play, and must be controlled within the scope of their own control. in this way. 3. Some dogs are paralyzed due to arthritis. Many friends do n’t understand, do we see if the dog's hind legs are swollen, and whether it is painful to touch it. Dogs will be disturbed. There are many reasons for the paralysis of dogs, such as neuritis, lumbar disc herniation, cyst squeezing, damage to the spine nerve, etc. Dogs have signs of fever. They should consider inflammation and have not stools. To help the dog defecate. The golden treatment time for hind limbs is within 48 hours after the onset of onset. Do not delay as soon as possible! It is estimated that it is caused by severe calcium deficiency during the growth and development of dogs. This is the case for a Su Mu nearby. Now I am all one year old. It is estimated that they have fallen root. If you go to the pet hospital to ask, ask if you can treat it. In addition, LZ learned about whether it would be injured when he was a child, and the external force was paralyzed.nAsk, why suddenly don't eat or drink water?nAnswer dogs do not eat, mainly considering the digestive, reproductive system, and respiratory diseases. First of all, the main consideration of the digestive system disease is intestinal infection, gastrointestinal gastrointestinal bodies, etc. Secondly, the reproductive system disease mainly considers uterine diseases, which is more common in female dogs. Finally, respiratory diseases are mainly lung diseases, such as mycoplasma pneumonia and bronchial pneumonia. Due to the single clinical symptoms of dogs, it is recommended to take it to a pet hospital for further examinationnWhen you see that the dog does not eat or drink, you must apply the right medicine, so that it is the best for the dog. Careful examination!nMore 2nBleak

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