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  1. When the dogs are playing, they usually play more and more crazy, and running. However, the danger is ubiquitous. The dog’s feet are directly exposed to the ground. If there are sharp glass fragments or nails on the ground, it is easy to cause the dog’s feet and meat pads to be injured and bleed. 1. Sometimes the dog runs high, but blood is flowing on the paws, but he does not know. The severe excitement made the dog forget the pain of the wound on his feet. If the wound is not large, it is just a slight scratching. The dog feels okay. Generally, it does not need to be treated too much. Parents can use clean alcohol cotton to wipe the blood and soil near the wound. Essence 2. If the dog accidentally cuts the weapon and causes a lot of bleeding, parents should take the dog back home and press the bleeding wound with cotton for about a minute. If the bleeding situation is still not improved after a minute, it is necessary to use a bandage to tie about five cm in the bleeding position, which can prevent some blood from flowing into the wound position. However, this method cannot be maintained for too long, because this will cause tissue necrosis in the place where the wound is not enough to get enough blood supply. If it is found that purple and blue below the wound may be too swollen, it means that the bandage time is too long, and you should immediately unlock the bandaging place. If a dog has a large amount of bleeding, you should wrap the wound with a cotton cloth and tie it tightly with bandages. Be careful not to use elastic ropes or other structured materials. He went to see a doctor. 3. If you find that the dog lifts a foot and dares not to the ground, and only supports the body with only 3 legs, then the dog’s feet must be injured. At this time, parents cannot take it lightly. The most important thing is to figure out how the dog’s injuries. Seeing the dog’s feet injured, don’t run to the dog’s injury recklessly. Because the foreign body that hurts the dog may still be in the wound. If the dog’s wound is accidentally painful, some dogs will not be able to bite people, and parents will be injured. You need to call the dog beside you, while observing the wounds of your feet while soothe the dog’s emotions.

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