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  1. In life, we can see that many convenience store machine malls are placed in a lot of snacks, and snacks have become part of our lives. For those who love pets, pet snacks are also very popular. They are boring. In your spare time, you can eat some snacks for your pet dog and eat some snacks after training. This is very good. However, what snacks do you usually eat for dogs?
    With the improvement of living standards, dog snacks are also increasing. To choose delicious snacks for dogs, you can go to the pet Taobao shop every day. There are many dog ​​snacks with different flavors. Of course, you can also make some snacks that dogs can eat. However, as parents, do you know what kind of snacks should dogs eat?
    First of all, as parents, those snacks that people eat or those snacks that other animals eat are not suitable for dogs eat. For example, candy, chocolate, melon seeds, peanuts, ice cream, preserved fruit, etc. These cannot be eaten for pet dogs. To eat snacks for dogs, you should choose a professional dog food. For example, professional chicken jerky, beef jerky, etc.
    The body structure of dogs is different from human demand for nutrition. Dogs cannot eat foods with a lot of salt content and strong taste. Therefore, those sweet, salty, and spicy ones cannot be given to the dogs. If you want to make snacks for your own, you can choose fresh beef, pork, or lamb, cooked water, and make the meat for the dogs.

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