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  1. 1. Bathing can remove the old dander accumulated on the skin. Wash the teddy bear every two weeks in summer. Washing it every month in winter is almost the same. Oily protective layer.

    2. Special bathing fluid for pets should be used. Let the foam stay on the dog for a few minutes during bathing, and the medicinal ingredients can fully play a role. Do not use removed hair washing water for dogs to take a bath for dogs to avoid greater stimulation. When dogs dandruff is serious, it is best not to take a bath for them with mao wash with lice. Most of these products will make the skin more dry.

    3. Mao protection spray: If the dog lives is dry, it may also cause a lot of dandruff, you may wish to use some oily hair protection spray. After spraying on the hair, you can avoid the rapid evaporation of the dog's hair.

    4. Comb hair: Regularly combing the dogs for dogs, which can make the dandruff and dead hair that the usual accumulated. On the skin, as long as the hair is often combed, many problems of dandruff can be solved naturally.

    The factors affecting Teddy hair

    The situations will have a adverse effect on Teddy's hair, so it must be completely eliminated.
    a, rubbing hair with protein
    has always said that applying teddy 抟 with protein will make the teddy bear hair shine. In fact, using protein to apply the hair of Momoyoson or Malzis. Once drying, the hair will split and break, but it will damage the hair and damage the hair root, make the hair color dull, and sometimes cause skin diseases such as dermatitis.

    B, a single food
    The families will consider Teddy taste and only give it favorite food. This will cause serious nutritional disorders and greatly damage Teddy hair.

    c, the bath is too frequent
    The frequently bathing will be washed away from the fat layer of the hair and the skin, and it may cause skin diseases and make the hair dry.

    D, use shampoo
    The skin of the human skin is different from Teddy's skin acid and alkali value. Human bath liquid or shampoo is not suitable for Teddy. Use people with shampoo will seriously damage Teddy's skin.

    e, anxiety
    Like people, excessive anxiety can also cause teddy hair removal and hair to deteriorate. It is important to help them maintain a happy mind at all times.

    f, bad hygiene habits
    In non -often combed, not good sanitary habits such as bathing on time, it will damage Teddy's hair quality and even health.

    g, dry living environment
    The living environment that is too dry will cause Teddy to lose water, cause dry hair, and cause rough hair and split.

    H, skin disease
    The as the most extreme case, almost all skin diseases and some internal medicine problems will damage Teddy's hair quality.

    The owners give the Teddy Bear family beauty method


    There are so many things in the level, and there are not some stiff indicators in beauty. It is stipulated what it must be fixed. The dog and the dog can be trimmed according to what they like. Dad dad has a proposal for trimming with reference.
    1. Whether it is a pet -grade pure -breed dog or a dog skewers, the amount of hair and tail hair of the chest is very large. The principle of trimming is to fix the dog baby into a spherical shape. It should be noted that before trimming, the hair needs to be comprehensively sorted out, first combed, and then combed in the backward. When combing, pay attention to observe the natural shape of your dog's hair, and then start trimming.

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