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  1. When it comes to small, many dog ​​friends will smell that small is always the first of the dog's main disease. There are three characteristics of this terrible dog killer: difficult to prevent, nine deaths, and no medicine. In the early days of weak and sick, as long as the treatment is properly treated in time, the cure rate can still reach 40%, but most dogs will still die. Just in case, this article shares several suggestions to prevent small dry goods. Friends who have dogs at home, or are about to raise dogs, are worth collecting:
    . How to prevent the dogs small?
    1. The channel for buying dogs should be regular
    The channels for buying dogs to largely determine the physique of puppy. If puppies are purchased through regular channels, there are no general problems, such as individual dog breeders, dogs, pet shops. If you buy a puppy from the roadside dog vendors and dog markets, it is difficult to ensure the dog's system. Most of the puppies come from the latter's dog buying channel. Pay attention to this problem. The cost of raising dogs is disposable, and it is also the smallest expenditure in the process of raising dogs. Everyone must buy dogs on regular and reliable channels.
    The purchase channels of dogs are very important
    2. Puppy who just arrived at home
    Many novices showed strong concern when the puppy arrived, gave them a bath, and then poured out a large bowl to buy it. Dog food. If you don't know, this care will only help you. Even puppies bought regular channels can't stand this toss. Note that hygiene is good, but it is best to give the puppy home for a week to adapt, pay attention to eat less and eat more.
    3. Don't rush to walk the dog
    The novice dog owners take them out for a walk a few days after the puppy arrives, trying to become a shovel officer. This idea is very good, but they do something that violates goodness. Due to the complicated external environment, germs may be infected, and puppies are weak, which can easily cause small or other diseases.
    4. Out of vaccination on time
    In addition to the above three points, the best way to prevent disease is vaccination. Vaccination on time is very good for puppy's health. When buying a dog, the seller will tell the vaccination time, and I will not repeat it.
    Secondly, this dog rarely infects the small virus
    . Do the above four things well, the probability of puppies will be greatly reduced. My uncle is an veterinarian in the town. He saw many sick dogs treated in his veterinary shop. One feature of dog breeds infected with small viruses is that China has almost no farm dogs, and almost all pet dogs. As a native dog, the physique of rural dogs is better than many varieties, and rarely suffers from weak diseases. In the stray dog ​​rescue station I used to serve, there are rarely a small number of rural dogs.
    Third, do you know small?
    The course of the whole disease is about a week, and it can be cured basic after the treatment. Commonly used treatment methods include serum, interferon, and small monoclonal antibodies, all of which are injected. At present, there are no small oral drugs. The early stage of minor illness was the first three days, and the symptoms were vomiting and diarrhea. The worst is the symptoms of gastrointestinal bleeding and blood in the fourth day of the 4th and 5th days. These two days are the most critical time. The blood in the stool will have a fishy smell later. During the entire treatment period, fasting and drinking water, follow the doctor's advice.
    . After this time, it basically recovered slowly, and the resistance of the sick dogs with gastrointestinal treasure recovered, and the hope of recovery was even greater!

  2. Take a timely prevention of needle and pay attention to diet hygiene. Timely preventing stitches can allow dogs to produce antibodies. Pay attention to hygiene in diet, which can block small channels.

  3. Give the dog vaccine, repel deworming regularly, do not take the puppy who has not been vaccinated. The Sherry I had raised before was checked, and suddenly started vomiting. After that, I hurriedly took it to make the vaccine full, and the antibody was enough. Baidu know more.

  4. First of all, buy a dog to take a regular channel. Too small puppies should not take him out for a walk, because the external environment is complicated, which may be infected with germs and vaccinated in time.

  5. Dogs should not take out the house to play before they are born until the vaccine injection. By 45 days, you can take the dog to the pet hospital to inject the vaccine. Each time from 15 to 21 days is injected with a needle vaccine. If you take a bath, you cannot contact other dogs. During this period, try to keep the dogs as much as possible to avoid colds and the like.

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