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  1. Stimulated, dogs may have spines or stimulation of foods such as pepper and other foods in the eyes, which can be treated with eye drops; bacterial infection, and the dog's eyes are infected with bacterial infections. Eye feces can be treated with pet eye drops; indigestion, food with high salt content, salt is difficult to digest and absorb, and it will also cause dogs to have eye feces. You need to adjust the diet structure in time.
    1. Evons were stimulated
    The eyes of dog eyes appeared. Most of the reasons were because the eyes had pouring spines, but most dogs exposed to stimulating foods such as pepper, pepper, onion, etc., which caused the eyes to cause eyes After inflammation, eye shit will also be produced. After discovering, you need to clean the eye shit in time and add eye drops for treatment.
    2. Bacterial infection
    The dog's eyes are infected with bacterial infections or keratitis, which can also cause eye feces to accumulate eye feces. Pet -dedicated eye drops can be used for treatment. If the eyes are yellow, this may be a more serious eye disease, and it needs to be sent to a pet hospital for treatment in time.
    3. Digestive
    The dog's stomach is fragile, and it is difficult to digest the salt. If the breeder feeds too much food with high salt content, it will increase the stomach rot, causing the dog's eyes to have eye shit. You can feed some foods with high dietary fiber to regulate the stomach and promote digestion and absorption.

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