3 thoughts on “Why does the new cure puppy crying at night”

  1. That's not crying! It's a dog barking!
    This puppies often bark on the first few days and nights of the new home. Someone teases it to play or stays next to it, but if you let it stay alone, or the owner will start to bark immediately as soon as he sleeps. As soon as the owner walked over, it stopped barking. Repeatedly, you can't fall asleep all night, and it also disturb the neighborhood. The reason for the barking of puppies is that they just left the original group, just reached a strange environment to have a sense of fear, or they felt lonely and lonely. So, how can I let the new puppies just come at night? According to my experience, it is best to turn it into the cage before going to bed, and do not turn off the lights. Put a few cowhide paper envelopes or dog bite or some biting toys in the cage for puppies to bite, and puppies will naturally sleep when they are tired. If necessary, you can drive a radio next to it and adjust it to an overnight show channel. The appropriate sound can make puppies peace of mind.
    If the puppies are called, the owner pretend not to know, restrain himself, let him go, let it be natural. Do not call puppies, the owner will take care of it in the past, which will make the puppies feel like the owner will accompany it as long as it is called. It is not because the puppies can be reprimanded when they bark at night. Although the puppies will temporarily stop barking, they will cause puppies to fear the owner, which will cause a sense of unscrupulous owner. Generally speaking, after 2-3 days, puppies will gradually be familiar with and adapt to the environment and stop barking at night.
    Hasing the correct method and a certain patience are the way to solve the barking of puppies at night.

  2. Dogs are the same as 秂. Essence

    The strange environment will be afraid. Essence

    and is a puppy. Essence

    suddenly left the mother. Essence

    will be sad. Essence Will cry. Essence

    It if you are afraid of trouble, and love dogs fiercely. Essence

    Igly, you hug him when he calls at night. Essence

    I used to boil me for a week. Essence

    Colid. Essence

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