4 thoughts on “How did some lost pet dogs go home in the end?”

  1. Some lost dogs walked home through their nose. Many dogs do not know how to go home after their loss, but some dogs are exceptions and will go back through the smell.
    . The nose of the dog is very sensitive through the nose
    . If the dog's nose is very sensitive. If you stay at home for a long time, you often respond to the smell around you. When the dogs are lost, these dogs may always smell the smell. For example, the taste of the surrounding trees or the taste of the surrounding shops, so the dogs often smell while walking, even if they lose, but the dog knows it. What's on the way home. In fact, the dog is very smart. I know that I will go back with their nose. After some owners take the dog out, these dogs cannot find it. The dogs who come back may be closer to home, so they can come back through their nose. Most of the owners may take the dog out to bend at night, so the dog is familiar with the environment around the home. If the dog's loss is shorter and the distance is relatively short, then the dog comes back to return back. It's actually easier.
    . The lost pet dog
    Although the pet dog has no rural dog field, there are examples of pet dogs after leaving. These pet dogs are actually very smart, and they will pay attention to the owner's smell in daily life. In addition, the vision of the dog is actually very good, but it can't be distinguished, but when the dog's vision appears, the dog knows that he is almost home, so this dog is really very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very. clever. When the dog is gone, the editor suggested that the owners can often go to the place where the dogs are playing, and they are likely to encounter the lost pet dog, because the dog is familiar with these places.
    Finally, you can write a name on your pet dog, and then write down your address, so that when the dog accidentally lost, there will be some kind people who send it back.

  2. Some dogs will leave the smell at any time in the process of walking and guide the direction of home, and some pets will not find a place to go home because they are too far away from home. Pick them back and wait for the owner to recognize.

  3. Most pet dogs will have very clear memories of their own positions. Pet dogs will eventually return to their home with the taste or strong taste left by themselves.

  4. Will walk home according to your memory, go the same way every day, go home according to your own feelings, and dogs will have a certain memory.

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