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  1. You can consider the Gaoco, because the price is relatively high, which is much cheaper than the Tibetan mastiff. The Caucasian dog has a strong body, strong resistance to disease, brave temperament, calm and stable, highly alert, sensitive intuition, strong and confident personality, loyalty to the master. It is most suitable for home care, guarding villas, warehouses, farms or pastures. The Caucasian dog is a large dog, with strong appearance, strong muscle tissue, and strong physical structure. The skin is thick and elastic. Strong, stable and calm. It will show its defense instincts when needed. There is no trust in strangers, and it will be fierce.

    The Italian Kaslo dog, or it is okay. I like it very much. If you are used to see your home, you can buy these two kinds of 4000 yuan. Looking at the area, I suggest that you are looking for housekeeping, and do not exceed this price.
    If the price is high, in fact, some of our Chinese pastoral dogs, some are very fierce and easy to raise, mainly depending on whether you will screen it. Essence Essence

  2. I think you might as well buy ordinary wolf dogs, neither the price of famous dogs, but also a bit like German shepherd, and it is also very aggressive.

  3. Dogs are domesticated from wolf. As early as the era of hunting collection, people have already domesticated dogs as assistants when hunting. Therefore, dogs are the earliest domesticated livestock. Hebei Wu'an Mountain, Henan Xinzheng Pei Gang, Zhejiang Yuyao Hemu and other sites have found dog bones, which proves that its domestication history is long.

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