Best dog breeding, what dogs are best used for dogs. Please 3Q

I recently want to build a dog farm to prepare to raise some meat dogs, because the meat dogs here are very demanding. But I do n’t know what kind of dogs are used to make dogs, and I know how to tell people, thank you.

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  1. Stupid dog and stupid dog are a collective name for rural dogs. It is the homophonic of "Ben Dog", which means that the local indigenous dogs are born in the local area. Most of the pure -breed dogs, according to reliable information, the IQ and work obedience of the dogs can be ranked within 20 purebred dogs, and they have strong instruction learning ability issued by the owner. Stupid dogs usually see that raw people do not call, docile, easy to raise, loved by ordinary people, are widely used as care dogs in rural areas. Its ancestors are similar to other dogs, which originated from wolves, while the Chinese pastoral dogs are closer to the appearance of the wolf, with a short mouth and flat.

  2. At present, the real dog varieties are not yet available. Most of them are soil dogs with better local meat performance or hybrid dogs that have a large dog introduced from other places. Large -scale sentences with fast growth speed, large body shape, rough feed, and good meat -producing performance are excellent varieties such as Tibetan mastiffs, Santa Bernard dogs, Taihang dogs, pine dogs, and dumplings.
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