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  1. "Calling" training a puppy will shake his tail and coquettish, but the case of a large dog is the same, then you lose your alertness. Especially if you love to play dogs, you have insufficient physique. If you are too tame, you will not only be able to take the work of a housekeeping, but you may also be abducted and lost! In fact, the dog does not want to call. You order it, that is impossible, so you need to train before eating. Before entering the meal, it always calls the command that keeps cooperating with "" "" "" ", which is easy to do. In case it is not barking, after three or two orders, it does not respond. You can use his feet or tail, or go away. Once a puppy who is going out to walk every day, once the owner arrives, it will roar without taking it out. All of the above are the dogs who know the order of the owner's call and what actions should be taken. Of course, when you call it, you should care about it. Secondly, after four or five months of dogs, do not let outsiders get closer to contact, prompting the dogs to be alert to other people in addition to the owner. Or when you eat, ask others to come in to grab the food. At this time, the dog will naturally call it. The owner should give an order to encourage the "call" call "and give the reward to establish its self -confidence. Trust the owner and reject others. "Don't call" forbidden barking training opposite the above situation, some dogs like to call, it is really headache, and the same needs to be trained. This training is consistent with the pace of training from the previous training. The main purpose is to let the dog know when it should be barking. When a guest comes, it will stop and stop you. If you hold it up, it will cause it to have an illusion. Said: Don't call, or blame, so that the dog will naturally correct it. The puppy lives alone in the dog, and it is too boring. After a few sounds, you came from him. If there was nothing to blame, the dog would think that as long as it was called, the owner would come immediately. You can also train in turn before eating. If you keep barking, you should give "don't call" command. Any above action, as long as there are slight achievements and progress, you should shoot at the mouth of your mouth, indicating your praise.

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