5 thoughts on “What dogs are suitable for raising dogs for the first time?”

  1. The dogs that are suitable for raising at home are as follows:
    1, Bomei: Bomei is a fluffy and soft, bright small dog. It is outgoing, smart and lively. The hair is softer, beautiful and cute, smart and agile. Boyi has less hair loss, not much to eat, and it is very clean without appreciation.
    2, Big Bear: Big Bear is more cheerful and lively, docile and cute, more well -behaved, and many people prefer it, that is, Bido is not very hair loss, it is better to take care of it.

  2. You can raise a poodle, a white stalk and a French bullfighting.
    1, poodle
    is also one of the most popular dog breeds. It is docile and lively, and it looks particularly cute and charming, so it is also very suitable for the first dog raising dogs for the first time. People. When choosing a poodle, you must choose a male.
    2, high ground white stalk
    The white stalks of the west highland are also very cute and do not lose hair. As long as the owner helps to combine the hair every day, then it can always be beautiful. In addition, the white stalks in the West Highland are also very suitable for family breeding, and the amount of food is very small for a month.
    3, French bullfighting dog
    French bullfighting dogs are very good. They are a very loving dog. Whether it is a special docile to the owner or the child Behavior. There are also French bullfighting dogs who are very suitable for raising in apartments, communities and other places. It will not scream messages. It is very quiet at home.
    For the first time, you must choose the dog you want to raise carefully. The reason is very simple. Some dogs are not easy to educate, and they are not suitable for novice pets to raise. Husky, Bian Mu, etc. are such dogs. They have low obedience, and novice pet owners can't control them at all.

  3. If the area of ​​the house where your home lives is not particularly large, it may not be suitable for relatively large dogs. That's more suitable to choose a small pet, or biknia and other smaller pets. Like a bear's hair, there is no body odor on the body. It is usually sticky to people. It is particularly well -behaved. It is a type of dog that belongs to both adults and children. If you have decided to raise a small pet, then you need to make some preparations first.

  4. For the first time, it is recommended to raise a small dog, such as poodles, Shih Shi, Pomeranian, Chisha, and Butterfly Dogs. Mainly prepare what the dog needs in advance. It is necessary to teach it to the right place to urinate first. Time is suitable for those who need to take vaccines.

  5. It is better to raise dogs for the first time: poodle, bibicin, and dogs of local breeds. It is not recommended to feed: Alaska dogs, Samoyed dogs, Husky dogs, and small -sized small dog species. Sled dogs and mini dogs have poor disease resistance, and gastrointestinal function is relatively weak. Vindee and other resistance and gastrointestinal function are relatively strong.

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