The host hugs the sleeping cat to catch the mouse with his face. Why doesn't the cat catch the mouse now?

4 thoughts on “The host hugs the sleeping cat to catch the mouse with his face. Why doesn't the cat catch the mouse now?”

  1. The cats do not catch mice now, mainly in the following four reasons:
    1. I have not learned to catch mice
    Many people think that cats are born to catch mice, but in fact it is not the case. Cats are not. Cats are not. Will grab a mouse, and it was taught by the cat mother. If the cat mother did not teach the cat to catch mice, she would not catch mice. The pet cats raised now are raised by humans from about two months. In such an environment, no one will teach cats to catch mice, so it will not catch mice.
    2, you can eat full every day
    The main purpose of cats to catch mice is to eat the mouse and fill your belly. Very good, eat meat if you want to eat meat. Many owners will prepare a variety of staple foods for cats, and then canned foods and snacks. They feed the cats very full every day, and they are not hungry at all. So in this case, cats do not need to catch mice.
    3, pet cat wild degradation
    It, cats are similar to us human beings, and will evolve better and better. When you have some skills, you will start slowly. When the cat becomes a pet, the personality starts to become more docile, and then the wildness begins to slowly degenerate. Then wild degradation will become worse and worse for the ability of hunting. And during the breeding process, the purity of genes will also lead to its wild degradation. Slowly, the cat's consciousness will not catch mice.
    4, the environment of the environment
    Most pet cats live in the city, so such cats do not go out every day, even if they go out, they will be put in the backpack, so they can’t contact the outside world. The environment, coupled with rare mice in the building of the city. Therefore, cats and mice can't be contacted, so the cat has lost the ability to capture mice. Such an environment and space can not allow them to perform capacity, and they will forget for a long time.

  2. The current cat does not catch mice mainly because people now raise cats as pets and provide exquisite food every day. This causes cats to not catch mice.

  3. Because the cats are very clean now, the foods they like are cat food, and they are nourished. Seeing that the mice do not even turn the eyelids.

  4. It can only be said that most of the current cats are pet cats. The blood is not like the previous cats, and it is also very harsh in diet.

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