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  1. The kittens can walk around for three weeks. At this time, they will want to walk around to explore the outside world. At this time, they can start feeding their solid food. When the kitten is 4 weeks, they can teach them how to go to the toilet. By 6 weeks, they will make trouble at home and jump on your curtains. O (∩_∩) O ~
    is right. Do not go to move kittens at this stage. They can change them out by themselves.

    It 3 weeks after the kitten, you can add meals to the cat (afraid of the mother's milk insufficient milk)
    3 weeks, the cat's milk, cat milk replace milk powder, A small amount of cooked minced meat or canned cats.
    4 weeks, cats' milk, cat milk replaced milk powder, cooked minced meat or canned cats.
    5 weeks, the cat's milk, cooked minced meat or canned cats.
    6-8 weeks, increase the amount of solid food and reduce the number of cat milk.

    8 weeks, the kitten should be completely weaned. In the future, it can be solid food, and of course they can also feed them canned food. After weaning, the kitten does not need to eat any dairy products (some kittens will cause diarrhea because they cannot digest lactose in milk) Cat food is enough to meet their needs.

  2. Usually you can change the cushion in the nest. There is no problem with the cats raised. If the carton is in your home room, it is 30 cm high. It can be tried to climb out in one month. , Mainly to practice the power of hind legs. If a mother is led by, the kitten will start to learn to use cat litter in about a week, and you can eat the kitten wolf in about a week, but it is best to set a range after they can come out. Pot, urinate anywhere.
    It if there is a problem, you can Q me 138020400

  3. My cat is just after the production, so I will change the things in the delivery room. So hygienic ~ Prepare the new fabric first, take out the kitten carefully, change the speed quickly, it is best to use the female cat Move to the side of the change and change the other side. When the kittens are put back, pay attention to whether the female cat has licking the kitten. If you do n’t lick, use the kitten to stain the smell on the female cat PP and then put it back
    Out of the nest, but before the female cat will change the kitten themselves, at this time, the old nest must be completely replaced by clearing the smell. If the old nest is still unwilling to enter, only the new nest is placed in the place where the female cat is selected. This is this place. Unbelievable

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  5. Still don't mess up. Avoid frightening during breastfeeding, because the cat's mother keeps moving the nest because of protecting the kittens, and some frightened cat mothers even eat kittens (very different). My cat has already run back and forth, in the yard.

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