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  1. Suddenly I don't want to raise a cat. At this time, I have to take responsibility for the cat. Don't make it a homeless stray cat because you don't like it. This is very cruel for the cat. There are several very good ways to deal with cats, such as looking for a reliable family for it, or sending cats to animal retaining places.
    In the cat to find a reliable family if you really don't want to raise a cat, don't just abandon it, you can ask your friends if you have a cat to raise a cat. Give him the cat. If you do n’t like cats around you, you can find people who want to raise cats online, and also confirm that this family is really good for cats, instead of just playing with a fresh sense of a while. Find a reliable family for cats will not only make the cats behind the cats better, but also make them feel relieved.
    It the cat to the animal receiving center. If you can't find a person who collects the cat, or you can't believe others by yourself, you can send the cat to the animal retaining place. Many cities now have animal reception or animal protection centers, and they will find them as long as they look for it. Sending the cat to the animal retaining office, the staff will naturally take care of the cat, and will also find it for a reliable adopter for it, so that you can rest assured.
    The more and more people now raise small animals, and the company with small animals does make themselves feel healed. But sometimes raising small animals is also very troublesome, so it causes some people to raise it for a while. If you just abandon small animals at this time, it is a very bad behavior. Therefore, before you decide to raise small animals, you must consider it clearly whether you can really be responsible for the life of small animals and whether you can always accompany it. It is a very responsible behavior, otherwise the behavior towards the twilight and four will really despise it.

  2. When your wife is pregnant, don't raise animals anymore, including cats and dogs.
    The main reason is that the parasites on animals, such as bow -shaped worms, are more parasitic on cats and dogs. After ordinary people are infected, they may not have much impact Abortion, premature birth, fetal deformity and other conditions.
    So try not to raise cats. If you really want to raise, what should I do?
    First of all, start with hygiene, clean the home daily, including disinfection, etc. Do not let the cat's living environment pollute, especially the cat's diet, you must do a good health check to eliminate health problems from the root cause.
    It start from health, take your cat regularly, go to a professional pet hospital for examination, under the guidance of a doctor, do insect repellent, such as vaccine, etc.
    The work of raising cats, try to give it to the prospective dad, and pregnant women should not directly contact the cat. Usually, it is best not to hold a cat. In addition, the cat's diet, excretion, and epidemic prevention are also handed over to the prospective father to do it.
    Of course, Xiaobian still does not recommend cats. After all, he is secretly secret. Once there is a problem, no one can bear this responsibility. Therefore, it is recommended to foster cats in the house of parents or friends. After the baby is healthy, pick the cat back and raise it.
    It you can also visit the cat regularly during the period. We can also use video and other methods to realize the interaction with cats. This can also be understood as "cloud raising cats".
    After all, parents or friends are people you dependent and trustworthy. I believe that cats will grow up healthily under their care. After your baby is born, cats can return to your family life.
    The life is like a long water flow to find the source of happiness. Xiaobian is also a cat -loving person. There are two kittens at home, one male and one mother, and loves them very cute and well -behaved. Xiaobian also believes that cats who love cats must be reluctant to foster, but for the healthy growth of the baby, the early foster care is actually an effective way. Love cat loves home.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. The first method is to ask relatives and friends around them if they have the idea of ​​raising cats. If so, send the cats to themselves to visit their cats when they have time. 2. The second method is to post online and ask if there is a cat who wants to raise a cat. It depends on the conditions of the other party. If the other party is more sincere and experienced, then you can consider it and sign the contract. Then it can be recovered. 3. The 3rd method. Give cats to some institutions. Some museums or elderly homes also have some cats. Because there are more tourists from these places, their food is not a problem and can recruit customers. Can find a good home for cats. 4. The fourth method will send the cat to the pet store. The pet store is a place for pet sales. Then you can spend money to buy pets. Give the cat to a pet shop.n5. The 5th method sends the cat to the shelter. Find your new master. 6. The 6th method puts your pet cat on the second -hand network, and choose to sell it to other customers by yourself.

  4. You can raise it outside.
    I personally like cats and think its personality is very noble. It is said that the cat will not urinate anywhere. It loves cleanliness. You can prepare cat litter with a box, it should be fine.

  5. The farther you must throw the better
    For example, your home is in the east of the city, throwing the cat into the west of the city
    The cat is very spiritual
    too close, it will smell your urine flavor and come back.
    Even if you close the door, you call it every day outside the door. Do you bear it?
    ----- or give it to the local small animal protection association.

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