A female tenant in Changsha abandoned more than ten pet cats, and the garbage was bad and smelly. How do you evaluate the tenant?

5 thoughts on “A female tenant in Changsha abandoned more than ten pet cats, and the garbage was bad and smelly. How do you evaluate the tenant?”

  1. A female tenant in Changsha abandoned more than ten pet cats, and in this rental house she lived, the garbage was everywhere, and it was particularly bad. So how to evaluate the practice of this tenant?
    First of all, her approach is wrong. Because as a good citizen finally handled the health that belongs to her own field, especially she is still the tenant in this place, then she will be responsible for this place. So his approach has violated morality. Starting from elementary school, the teachers in our textbooks have educated us to be a moral person, talk about civilization, and hygiene. She did not deal with the hygiene, so her approach was very wrong. And this is also her personal hygiene, because all the garbage in this rental house was made by him, so she would be responsible for these garbage.
    is actually these cats belonging to her, so she must also be responsible for these small lives. You can't buy a lot of pet cats at home because of the momentary fever, and they will abandon them when they are in trouble. This can reflect that he is very irresponsible, and there are great problems in morality. I believe there are many such people in society, but I think that as a person, we must have a kind heart. Because in this world, all causes and effects are reincarnation, and those who do bad people will eventually be punished, and kind people will also be like a rose exuding fragrant roses. So I think we must be a moral person, don't learn from this girl.
    Then the landlord said that they were a couple, but they had not paid the property fee for a long time. So I think their behavior is also very bad, because after all, you must pay the cost of renting a house. And survival in this society must also abide by the laws of this society. We must also get warnings in the incident, do not learn from these people.

  2. The rise in house prices is an important reason for many people who are unwilling to get married and are unwilling to fall in love. It is because of the rise in house prices, which also makes a lot of people living in the city. They can only choose to rent a house and buy their own houses. Many problems have been derived, which not only has a great complaint for the tenants. Many times, bad behaviors of bad tenants will have a great impact on the landlord. According to news media reports, a female tenant in Changsha Pet cats have caused garbage everywhere, bad smell, which has aroused the dissatisfaction of the landlord and the condemnation of netizens.
    How to look at this matter as a young man, it is very simple to ensure that the cleanliness and cleaning of his home, and this female tenant not only made herself smoke at home, but also abandoned what she raised. Pets, from this point of view, this woman's behavior should be condemned by everyone.
    How how to evaluate the tenant's approach. This tenant may have the opinions of the landlord in the usual life, or if you have dissatisfaction with many places for renting a house to vent, but you cannot damage any way. The interests of others cannot also involve other innocent creatures. From the perspective of this woman's approach, she is undoubtedly unable to take care of herself or take care of these dozens of pets.
    How to avoid such things from cultivating the self -reliance of young people in daily life, it is everyone's consensus, and how young people cultivate their ability to cultivate their attention. This female tenant may be in daily life. The ability to take care of the self -care is poor, so it leads to this situation today. Therefore, when the landlord rents to other people's houses, you must pay attention to the inspection of the tenant. When you meet someone you don’t want to rent To avoid causing greater losses in the future. Secondly, young people should also pay attention to timely communication or seek legal help in the process of renting a house. Do not use an angry way to cause damage to others.

  3. I think the practice of this tenant is very unclear. First of all, she did not maintain it with her care of the rented houses. She did not have due diligence for the pets she raised. unethical.

  4. I think the tenant's behavior is very bad. Since she starts to raise them, don't give up on them. If you think about it, you should be uncomfortable if you are abandoned.

  5. The practice of the tenant was particularly irresponsible. He raised so many pet cats and actually abandoned them and gave this problem to the landlord.

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