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  1. Of course, both male cats and female cats should be sterilized. They or they are sexually mature at least 2 to 3 times a year, and then each nest is 3-4-5 kitten. Who do you give? There are 10 kittens a year, and no one can raise it. Generally, if you encounter irresponsible, you will throw it away. In winter, you have to freeze to death, and you will be chased. If you live for 2-3 years, you will die. Therefore, if you are a responsible master, you will decisively give him or her sterilization, which is the best choice.
    I have two cats now, one male and one mother, and I am in estrus immediately. I also tangled this matter, but in the end, I decided that since they are life, inspiration, IQ animals, they are, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they, they are. I have my own fertility rights and the right to reproduce my descendants. I am not God. I have no right to decide this. I cannot deprive them of their reproductive rights because I can control them. In the same way, I will let them give birth, and then arrange the little baby they given up in advance (I have finished greeting with my friends and relatives) I hope my two cats,
    . And there is a special sense of fear of similar corpses, which is the most afraid of dogs. Therefore, in a group of cases, the owners should keep the dog away from the dog's body to avoid physical harm to the dog.

  2. Cats are good for sterilization. If you want your cat to run out so often, you should help them sterilize. My family has two male cats and a female cat mother. At first we did not know that the cat had a period of estrus, and I didn't know the cat very well. But after a long time, I feel very strange. Why my female cat always likes to run out and often makes her opinion attracting public cats.
    only after understanding, because cats have estrus, so sterilization can reduce their estrus. The estrus is not controlled by them. For the sake of the female cat's body, my mother does not consider raising the kitten, so I gave birth to two little white cats in the female cat, and I took it to ligate. After ligation, it was found that the female cat went out for a few times, even zero. The two children who like to stay at home (although the children have been more than a year), but they still protect them.
    In the male cat, if you want to see the male cat's child, you can put it with a cat (mother), wait for them to mate and give birth to a child before bringing them to ligation. The male cat is more upset with the female cat. They will want to leave home, fight, pee, and the smell of the male cat peeing. After ligation, they will become very good and good, because they will be estrus without ligation, and they cannot blame them. They cannot control themselves.
    Ligoring is also healthy for them, and can also protect them and avoid contact with other cats with other accidents. Female cat ligation is to protect the child who is excessive. I used to encounter a wild cat outside and can give birth 5 times a year. It is not an exaggeration to see that it is a big belly at all times. So I felt distressed for it, and then died.

  3. Sterilizer surgery for cats is also called "going to the momentum."
    This to male cats and female cats. Although I can't bear my heart, it is also the best way to make cats healthy at present. Seeing purebred cats can easily find adoption families. It is not easy for native cats to find adoption, and then there are so many stray cats outside and live a unsafe life. Alas, if you can not find 4 to 6 cats like cats and are willing to adopt, you are willing to adopt. The kitten's friend (a cat usually gives birth to 4 to 6 kittens), and if you can't raise a few at all of you, you should have sterilized surgery for the cat.
    Plopen cats are usually in estrus for the first time in 6 to 8 months. Or do it before the estrus, or the first estrus end, but do not perform surgery during the estrus. Do not drink water 8 hours before the operation, do not eat dry food for 12 hours.
    This to the cat is good or not.
    For the male cat:
    After going to the moment, it will reduce the fight, no longer urine at home because of her estrus, and will not go to the end of the world because of love. If the male cat does not go up, and if there is no female cat, it may cause urinary tract blockage because of the continuous occurrence of sperm.
    The male cat to go, only ten minutes before and after, the anesthesia of the surgeon wakes up, you can rest assured. After returning home, you can wear a hood for a few days to prevent the wound. My cat was wearing it for a long time, and I saw it uncomfortable and removed it.
    For female cats:
    It does not do momentum, and if they are not born, it will cause uterine pus (the female cat has two uterus, no one is sick) and ovarian disease.
    Pu female cats will put it on the postoperative clothes after the mother cat goes to prevent licking the wound. Usually seven days of stringing. The hair on the belly will grow slowly.
    What, do not give the mother cat under the situation? The kitten that is less than three months can not be done, it is too early, the reproductive organs have not been complete, and the resection is not complete. When they grow up, they will develop and the cat is more guilty. The estrus cannot be done during the estrus period, the estrus organs are congested during the estrus, and the blood loss will be lost after the surgery. Can't do it for more than four months of pregnancy. Unless there are congenital pelvic diseases.
    . In terms of determination, the feelings of cats and masters can be cultivated.

  4. I just sterilized their cats, and the other had to finish the vaccine for the time being without vaccine. The person who comes here tells you that the cat will be sterilized if you are going to raise a lifetime without preparing to make her breeding. Because the cat is in estrus, it is like changing a cat, always crying, urination everywhere, and changing it every day on the bed. I can't sleep every day and I can't sleep. It is also very sticky, and it is also called a dead cat. It will not be solved for a long time. Our cat will continue to be in estrus from the end of February to mid -June. Essence If the cat does not reproduce, the reproductive system will be sick, and the female cat will have ovarian diseases. This month did sterilize her, just a week, the surgical wound was two centimeters. Now it jumps alive, and the spirit and fur have greatly improved. Even the living habits have improved. Go to bed. The other one also made an appointment for a doctor, and after this estrus was completed, surgery was performed. Finally, it is emphasized that if the cat does not reproduce, it will be sterilized, otherwise the cat will get sick.
    . The estrus cannot be done during the estrus period, the estrus organs are congested during the estrus, and the blood loss will be lost after the surgery. Can't do it for more than four months of pregnancy. Unless there are congenital pelvic diseases. In terms of determination, the feelings of cats and masters can be cultivated.

  5. This depends on how many cats you raise, and whether you can afford to raise cats. And I advocate sterilization! You know when you have a cat, if there is only one cat, then once it is in estrus, you will feel good. The female cat is called Chun in the evening. At this time, it not only affects your life, but also affects the lives of people around you. The male cat will pee everywhere, leaving his own taste according to the animal's habits, in order to attract female cats. And at this time your life will definitely be seriously affected.
    and if you feel so cruel, then you can let him have children once, and then take him to sterilize, so that its cats are also complete. You won't feel the cruel behavior of taking its sterilization, let alone feel like this.
    and after the cat sterilizers, the time to live is generally 3-5 years longer than the sterilization time. Because sterilization will reduce the disease brought by their reproductive system after sterilization, which will also reduce their bad places in all aspects.
    So the benefits of sterilization are really much more, not only for you to be convenient, but also for the health of cats. This is good for you.

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