4 thoughts on “Which of cats and dogs is relatively clean?”

  1. Cats are clean, have no body taste, and will make the hair very refreshing, but if you have to raise it, you should pay attention, because the cat's house does not have its ban on it. More than dogs. And if the cat is excreted at home (because you can't excrete the dog like a dog), you will bring it out every time you get in and out of the cat litter. It smells stinky and smelly, so it is disgusting when cleaning the feces.

  2. Cats and dogs and cats are relatively clean, because the hair does not need to go out every day, and there are less dirty things on their bodies. Dogs need to go out for a walk every day, and if the dust is relatively large. It will be stained with a dog. Usually take a shower once a week. The cat is much cleaner. Instead, the hair will be cleaned frequently. Sometimes I take care of myself very cleanly, so it is cleaned from the comprehensive point of view. Dogs have to bury a lot. If girls are lazy and don't like walking dogs, they choose to raise cats when they want to clean.

  3. Of course, cats are clean when cats are clean! There is also the cat to dig a pit every time the cat goes to the toilet to bury the feces, and the dog will not be.

  4. Cat! The cats have to lick their faces when they eat, so the dog does not return to the cat to pull, the shit and lick the butt, the dog will not have a body taste on the loved dog.

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