What's wrong with the cat on the cat?

My cat, there were no hair, and there was a hole in my body. Some experts did not help

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  1. It is either ringworm or a chigger mite disease.

    The most important difference between the two is: the itching of the chigger mite disease is more intense, and the diseased cats often scratch, friction, and bite the area.

    It pneumatic patients are caused by bleeding and infection with bacteria at the same time.

    The is recommended to consult veterinary, because your cat is more serious now. Tell the veterinarian your cat's age, weight, and symptoms (it can be better if you can bring photos) and ill time. Usually after he is diagnosed, he will give your cat for external medication. Note: What is the situation of "rotting a hole" with the veterinarian, is it pus? Still faded eggplant.

    Punge your cat's health. Take more vitamins and try not to eat chicken liver. When you do n’t get the medicine, first disinfect the affected area with alcohol. After applying it, do n’t let him lick the affected area immediately. I usually stop when I see him licking and biting, because it may be repeatedly infected. After the doctor prescribes the medicine, cut off the hair of the affected area (not cut before, it is to prevent dandruff from falling off to the environment at will, causing people to infection) to follow the doctor's advice. After finishing the medicine, you have to wait for a period of time to let him go, so that the medicinal solution penetrates into it instead of being licked by the cats. Note: Do not take a bath during the pus to avoid causing new infections. If you fade the eggplant, you can take a bath.

    mad, protect yourself, because it will be transmitted to people, every time he touches him, especially in the sick area, you must wash your hands.

    The medicine for mites. It's quite affordable.

    I I wish your cat to restore health as soon as possible.

  2. It should be caused by common skin diseases. Disinfection in time in a timely manner, and then Berpi Shuang spray and erythromycin dyeing cream at the wound can be used for antibacterial and antibacterial. At the same time, the broad -spectrum anti -inflammatory drugs can be used for treatment. If the situation is serious, the owner should bring dogs in time The dog goes to the pet hospital to check the cause of the disease and then report it to the landlord.

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