1 thought on “What should I pay attention to when raising cats when raising cats”

  1. 1. If you want to raise a Chinese pastoral cat, you can choose three meals a day daily. If the Chinese pastoral cat is small, it is best to focus on cat food.

    2. Chinese pastoral cats are more clean, but the hair will still be stained with a lot of dust. It can be properly sorted out to reduce the dust on the hair.

    3. Chinese idyllic cats have demand for exercise. Generally, do not tie them. You can put it out properly. If it is not suitable for putting it Essence

    4. The place where Chinese pastoral cats live should be paid attention to. Generally, the place must be fixed, especially in winter, pay attention to keep warm and avoid its cold.

    5. When the Chinese pastoral cat is small, it is best to train its urination in one place, so as to make it not urinating anywhere.

    6. During the daily cultivation process of Chinese pastoral cats, if it finds its physical discomfort, seek medical treatment in time. Generally, it is best to give it a medical examination once a year.

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