3 thoughts on “What should I do if my two -month -old cat should be?”

  1. This situation needs to be processed according to the length of the business trip and the usual feeding method of cats. If it is only two or three days on a business trip, and the cats usually eat freely, this situation can prepare sufficient food and water for cats. Close the doors and windows. If the travel time is long, and the cats are fed regularly and quantitatively, in this case, the cat cannot be left at home. You need to send it to a nearby pet foster shop to foster care, or let friends and neighbors help look at it.
    The automatic feeder on the market for cats, but Catspad is the first foodie to provide food and water for cats and puppies. According to the information provided by the foreign media Theverge, Catspad can not only automatically provide food and water at the same time, but also distinguish the amount between different pets.
    catspad operates through a pairing software and pet recognition. When the pet is close to the CATSPAD unit, the device can identify the corresponding pet and then put the corresponding amount of dry food at the same time.
    Ys of any amount of food or water can be connected and tested through wireless networks to connect to CATSPAD software. Food can be put in a specific time or demand for a day, and the sensor will tell the owner's meow star, water level, and notifications when the water level is too low. Catspad is the most capable of holding 60 ounces of dry food and about 8 liters of water, which can maintain the amount of cats a month. If the Wi-Fi is disconnected, Catspad can still run normally. In addition, if there is a power-off, there is a reserve battery, which can provide the power required for one month.

  2. Two months are too long, you can ask your parents to take care of you. If you do n’t have money and do n’t want to do n’t feel bad, you can send the cat to a pet shop to foster, so that you can also be taken care of by professionals. If there is a pain or something, it can be treated. If you don't want to spend so much money, you can also choose a friend who is particularly good and like pets to help take care of it. Then you will ask your friends to eat well after you come back.

  3. 1. If it is best to take a pet or consign the pet to the place of work on business trips, you will be more at ease.

    2. If possible, you can put it in a pet hospital or pet shop to foster. The price is between 30/40 a day, but if it is a kitten for three months, it may be very large. After all, this flow The probability of illness with more places with more animals is relatively high.

    3. If you have friends around you, you should ask your friends to help raise this.

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