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  1. Many pet cats are afraid of water. When you are holding cats to approach water, their bodies will become stiff and unnatural. Cats are afraid of water to be afraid of bathing. In fact, the reason why cats are afraid of water are afraid of bathing, which is mainly related to the life environment and living habits of cats.

    This bath
    The people who know the history of cats know that the ancestors of cats are mainly living in deserts and grasslands. This special living environment makes cats cannot be exposed to water, so it also makes the cat a "dry duck" who are afraid of water. Because there is no water, the cat has developed the habit of licking hair to clean the body. However, with the reproduction and development of cats, the cats today have inherited the habit of the ancestors' fear of water.
    In fact, there are still many cats who are not afraid of water. Of course, this is also closely related to their living environment. Some cats live in a water environment all year round. These cats understand the water, have played water, and even catch fish in the water. They are not afraid of water for such cats. If you are taking a bath, they will not be so scared of nervous.
    of course, more cats are afraid of taking a bath, in addition to because they are afraid of water, they may also make them feel uncomfortable. For example, the owner is always rushing and rudely rubbing the cat's body to make it feel unsafe and uncomfortable. In this case, cats will also reject bathing. Because of this, if you want cats to obediently accept bathing, in addition to training it to get used to water, you should also treat the cat gently when taking a bath, so that it can feel comfortable to better bath.

  2. The kitten is the favorite. The clean animals, bathing and combing hair are not only for beauty and cleaning, but also can prevent skin diseases and in vitro parasites, as well as promoting blood circulation, new metabolism and other fitness diseases. The environment is clean, so bathing and combing hair are very important for kittens.
    Is to prepare some utensils for the kitten, including bathtubs, bath towels, bath liquids, comb, brushes, skimmed cotton swabs, small dumplings, eye ointment, hair dryer, etc. Bathing water is better to drown the kitten. The water temperature is the best at 30 to 35 degrees. You can try the water temperature by hand and mild. After preparing, the kitten slowly put in the bathtub, and scrubbing the order of the head, the back of the neck, the back of the back, the abdomen, and the limbs. The movement should be quickly completed in a short time. After the water is rinsed, immediately use a dry bath towel to suck the water on the kitten's body. If it is a long hair cat, it is not suitable to wipe it with a bath towel. Swine and dry.

    This should pay attention to the problem: when the kitten is uncomfortable or should not take a bath when it is sick. The number of times should not be diligent, usually two or three times a month, because the oil on the cat's skin has a protective effect on the skin and hair. If the number of times is too diligent, the oil will be lost in large quantities. Become a deductive factor for skin inflammation. Keep the room warm when bathing, especially in winter to prevent colds. It is best to let the kitten perform slightly before taking a bath, so that the cat is discharged from BB.

    2. Basic steps for bathing cats

    Perhaps you need to take a bath for the cat. If the hair is soiled, or take it to the exhibition. Most cats don't like to take a bath, so you may need help. After washing, quickly dry the cat with a warm big towel.

    Pre -preparation:

    Soft cloth cats with fragrant plastic cups

    The warm water in the plastic basin. Try water temperature. Cats will struggle to grasp it. Squeeze a little cat into the water.

    Plip the water on the cat with a cup, rub it down from the neck and rub.

    In after bathing: Clear cats are easy to sort out with a hair dryer to dry dry. If the cat is scared, the cat can be placed in a cage.

    In enough warm water to wash the cat gently, then wrap it with a big cat towel, dry it

  3. Cats do not like the feeling of soaked body, and they do n’t like to take a bath, so it is difficult to help cats to take a bath. If the cat has not adapted to bathing, it is difficult to complete the cat at home.

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