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  1. . How to clean the cat's ears
    First of all, the pet owner needs to prepare a special ear washing and appropriate amount of physiological saline for the cat, and then use the syringe to drip an appropriate amount of ear washing and physiological saline into the cat's ear canal into the cat's ear canal Then cover the cat's ears and gently massage the cat's ears for a few minutes, and then allow the cat to get rid of the imprisonment and let it throw out the liquid and dirt in the cat's ears. Finally, use the medical cotton swab to clean the cat's ear canal The ear washing and dirt can be. Be careful not to extend the cotton swab to prevent the earwax deeper and deeper. Moreover, the general cats are very resistant to making their ears. It is recommended that the pet owner fix the cat first and then clean its ears to prevent being caught by the cat. Under normal circumstances, cat's ears do not need to be cleaned up every day. The pet owner can help cats clean your ears once in 1 to 2 weeks according to the actual situation of the cat.

    . There will be no odor and redness symptoms.
    Cat ear mites: The cat's ears are severely itching, black secretions, crusting fragments, and dry skin of the ear of the ear, and may emit odor. If a cat has the above symptoms, the cat is likely to get ear mites. When this happens, the cat owner needs to clean the cat's ears as soon as possible and treat it appropriately.

    . How to cure the cat's ear mites
    1. Choose a good ear mitteric drug with better effect and the cats applicable to the cat, such as Piandite lactine in the solution.
    Apvy: Clean the cat's ears, then drip the medicine into the cat's ear canal and quickly cover the cat's ears to massage for 10 seconds, then loose the cat, let it throw his head to wash the dirt and wash the ear in the ears and wash it. The ear liquid was thrown out, and finally the cotton swab was cleaned and repeated every day until the cat healed.

    2, in addition, cat ear mites are a parasitic disease. The pet owner gives cats for ear mites to treat ear mites. If the Piandes can be used for deworming with Piande Pacilion-Avinyin permeable solution.
    How to use the potion on the cat's hind neck. (Pay attention to the cat's deworming medicine for the cat in time to put on the Elizabeth circle to prevent the cat from licking poisoning). It is recommended that the owner does an in vitro deworming the cat every month.

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