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  1. 1. The cheeks
    Because the male cat often fights with other cats, the cheeks may be slightly larger, and what we look like will feel that its face is a bit fat. The female cat not only has a small cheeks, but the lower jaw part will be more sharp. The entire face looks very small, with a very noble temperament.
    2, the bridge of the nose
    This is larger between the eyes of the male cat, and the nose looks larger. The female cat's shape of a small triangle is presented.
    3, genitals

    This can see its genitals slightly under the anus of the male cat, not very clear, but you can feel that there is a round protruding. The testicles are separated between the anus and the genitals. Because the anus, genitals and testicles are tied together, it will be larger than the distance between the female cat's anus and genitals.
    Them female cat's anus is the genitals, and there is a place like coffee beans under the anus. To put it simply, the gap between the anal and genitals is a male cat and a small female cat.
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  2. The method of distinguishing the male and female of adult cats
    This of the cave below the female cat is closer to the cave above, and there is a "little" line like a straight line. The hole below the male cat is slightly far from the hole above, and the little space in the middle is to be placed for the small egg in the future.
    Them female cat in the left side. The cave below is closer to the hole above, and the shape of the hole below is a little like "water drop shape" (a little black one), which is not completely round. On the right side of the picture is the male cat. The cave below is far away from the cave (the reddish one in the photo), which is also round, and it will not be like a water droplet. The middle position of the two holes should be placed in small eggs in the future, because the cats are still small and the eggs cannot see, but if you look closely, you can see that the hair here is not the same.

  3. ... Yes ... Our family is also raising a cat ... haha ​​... as long as you look at the cat of the cat ...
    hungry ... look at them when the cat stands PP can be class ... don't be too troublesome ... If there is a protruding or protrusion, it is the public class ... if there is no protruding or protruding, it is the mother's class ... If you can't see it ... Then pay attention when they lick themselves ... Gong will lick that place ... If your mother cat also likes to lick ... Evil ... see if they will be there There will be no genitals ... if it will be a male category ... haha ​​... our cat is the mother ... white ... so cute

  4. The male and female of the cat can be judged in various ways. First of all, the volume can be judged from the volume. The volume of the male cat is generally larger; the second can look at the distance of the anus and urethral opening. The cat is close; secondly, you can also observe whether the cat has testicles. After the male cat grows up, you can see the testicles. The following is the specific resolution method of the cat's male and female:
    1. The distinction size.
    I we can first consider the weight, weight and size of the cat. For cats in the same nest, male cats are usually larger. Of course, the shape is just a reference factor that cannot be determined from this.
    2, cannot be seen from the direction of the abdomen.
    Is when observing the sex of the cat, it should be noted that the cat will not look down from the abdomen, so the cat will not cooperate with its owner. It always protects its privacy with a tail.
    3, pull the cat's tail.
    First, pull the cat's tail and observe the sex of the cat from behind the butt. This is the most favorable observation position.

    4. Observe the distance between the anus and urethral opening.
    Observe the distance between the cat's anus and urethral opening. Generally speaking, the distance between the female cat's anus and the urethral opening is closer, and the distance between the male cat is farther.
    5, bathing is the best time to observe.
    ers to take a bath again, it is the best time to observe. At this point, you can observe it more clearly. This cat is a female cat. When the male cat grows up, you can see the testicles.

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