5 thoughts on “I am a Guangzhou decoration worker on the Internet. What can I do to get live dry?”

  1. The way to take work online is relatively simple and simple. There is not much way to do it. It is nothing more than hanging on some recruitment platforms to find work. At present, it is like fish bubble nets. You can use your mobile phone to download directly. It is still very good. The large number of users inside is accurate positioning. It is easier to connect.
    It another way is to add more related group chats. There are many work group chats with colleagues. There will also be a lot of relevant recruitment information.
    The platform search

  2. In fact, there are not many ways to take live online. Basically, there are several ways to find the work. Through the online recruitment software, you can download the fish bubble network app to try
    Introduction to recruitment: Fish Bao.com publish engineering information such as construction recruitment, construction talents, construction site recruitment, construction site recruitment, finding construction teams and other engineering information to facilitate construction workers to find work, find projects, and find excellent construction workers and construction talents for construction labor companies , Construction team, construction team.
    . The other two ways are nothing more than two ways. One is to add more related group chat, group chats for peers, or you can go to some post bar to see, there will be a lot of information in it, you can use it. communicative.

  3. Doing online promotion, there is an introduction to the relevant industry. I am doing a land heating business myself, so I often chat with the business cards that sell building materials, decoration companies, and community security. Haha business can be done at any time ...

  4. It is more difficult to connect online. It is recommended that you go to the decoration company to mix it and get to know it.

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