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  1. 1. There is no problem with the judicial examination, and there is no lawyer qualification certificate. It is not a problem. As long as you have a bit of ability, a bit of relationship, or if the foundation is hard, it is okay. There are more than 1 one who will go online to see your resume. My name is upside down. I come directly to the door. I pay special attention to it. I will show them
    3. It doesn't matter. The lawyer industry in Guiyang is almost saturated now. No matter which one is good, it is good. It mainly depends on its own development
    4. I do n’t know
    Igd suggestions: If you are from Guiyang, use the relationship you can use to achieve your purpose
    If you are a foreigner, if you do not have some particularly important things The reason is not to be a lawyer in Guiyang, including assistant
    . If you do n’t have real learning, work hard to learn
    . If you have a court or an acquaintance of the public security institution, then congratulations, you half The feet have already entered
    Note, just half
    is not so simple to be a lawyer. You can not be a lawyer as a lawyer assistant? I am also doing it, but it is just timeless interpersonal relationship
    The lawyers mainly eat this meal, and you can specialize in a certain aspect, such as criminal lawsuits, such as business cases, such as legal representatives, lawyers are not in court, lawyers are not good, lawyers It's a barrister if you can't go to court
    Come on ~

  2. Hello, I will answer your questions for reference:

    1. Generally, the office can only recruit assistants, but there is no practice certificate. It's easy to use, you don't have room to go.

    2. It is recommended that after passing the certificate to obtain a certificate, I want to find a law firm for internship. Only after the internship period, you can apply for a license. Income.

    . It is recommended to choose Guiyang's law firms. Although law firms in various places are the same, I personally feel that Guiyang's law firm and local law firms are in There are still differences, long day long, there are still differences in the field of view of the case. Choosing a law firm is not easy to choose, because too much law firms will pay attention to you. It is recommended to choose a law firm that can bring people. The most important thing is to choose a good teacher and friendly friend as your teacher.
    The master brought in and practiced by individuals. As far as I know, Wu Bingyu, director of Guizhou Yuan Geng Law Firm, is a very good teacher and friend. Moreover, the students he brought were basically alone after the teacher. I dare not say his business level, but his character and guidance method as a teacher are really good!

    4. Regarding your fourth question, I personally think that legal knowledge is secondary. As long as you pass the examination, the legal knowledge does not need to be examined. What needs to be learned is thinking and legal knowledge. Use and strategy. One of these premises is: character! There is also your social view and life concept. These reality determines your development space in the lawyer industry.
    The opinions above for reference!

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