Establish a community, open the road of social e -commerce, first make these four preparations

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  1. The article "Social E -commerce Trends has come, how ordinary people set foot on the wind opening to open the community journey" published recently, whether it is the early micro -business and the listing of Pindura Looking at it, it has achieved good results. If you do not add any moral judgment, in fact, the WeChat model was very successful at the time, and it also proved that ordinary people in the social e -commerce field had the opportunity to seize the air outlet to achieve counterattack.

    Mioshi realized the blindness of ordinary people in social e -commerce. Although WeChat is indeed declining, we cannot deny the value of social e -commerce. In contrast, the community model should be the most suitable for the public. s Choice. The community is more in deep operations. It does not pay attention to extreme fission, and it is easier to accept users. This time, I mainly share some preparations that need to be made in the early stages of the community, and it is also a good way for subsequent payments.

    has mentioned in the article before that the community can be divided into three types, and each type can also be classified in more detailed classification. When you plan to be a community, you must first think about what type and industry community. It is recommended to choose a more well -known industry, especially those who have some experience accumulation and specialties. For example, you have ten years of English teaching experience, you can consider doing an English training community. If there are resource support around you, you can also consider it. For example, some people have orchards, or there are seafood channels near the sea, or they can support red wine business at home. Mainly start with its own advantages and resources that can be obtained, and consider how to use products and services to provide consumers with value.

    If there is really no industry accumulation, there is no resource support around you, and there is no interest in usual, you can also choose to share the community. Only 200 yuan. 10 people earn costs. Share it with 100 people has 5 digits income. It is also a good income for college students, but it is not a long -term score.

    The fan is to be a fan. There must always be something that attracts fans to create a personal IP to attract fans. It is a recommended way to attract fans. This requires preparation in marketing tools and content. In terms of content, some industry knowledge is mainly shared, such as weight loss knowledge, pet knowledge, health knowledge, digital product knowledge, can also be compiled into paragraphs. It is not limited to graphic forms. If you have better experience in short video and live broadcast, now the platforms have some support for video content, and it is better to spread. The main thing is to persist. I think the day is still the foundation. In the early days, the extra content is also to increase the exposure rate. Many of the large numbers that can be seen on basic social media insist on more than 10 more days, but this belongs to the category of teamwork, and individuals must not eat it.

    The so -called marketing tools are self -media platforms. Now most platforms are recommended by algorithms. It is more friendly for newcomers. Even without fans, they have the opportunity to get recommended distribution to more people. Therefore, headlines, Weibo, Baidu these must do, as for the big fish number, a little information, fun headlines, these personal energy, more good. One more platform is more exposed. 10 people see you nothing every day. If you persist for a year? The gap is so open. All social media platforms need to perform personal certification. If you can do industry certification better, it is to increase the endorsement of trust, and no one will pay attention to a trumpet without any certification. The WeChat public account also needs to do it. It is actually difficult to start doing the public account now, so it does not rely on the public account to suck powder. Instead, the traffic flow of Weibo and headlines is led to the transformation rate of private domains. On the whole, creating a personal IP is a long -term event and will also bring long -term value.

    In addition to building communities and attracting fans, you also need product preparation, which is what you sell. Products are divided into virtual products and physical products. Virtual products are relatively not so complicated. The more common is selling services, selling courses and the like. For example, the English training community, everyone entering the group is learning language. For example, the pet community is mainly to share the little knowledge of pets. Of course, it may also bring some products, but it is mainly service.

    The physical products are more complicated. If you want to sell seafood, you must consider how to pack, how to keep fresh, how to transport, and also consider the transaction process, and provide methods. There is really no product. In the early stage, you can find a channel to buy at a low price. When you turn to sales to the community, you should be joined forces in the early stage. Everyone is familiar with WeChat category, and also a model of social e -commerce, which is simply selling products to sell products. The biggest advantage of the community compared to Weishang is to condense consumers, form their own circle, and then operate in depth. Users who buy seafood in the community may also buy fruits. There are also training needs for slimming and fashionable communities to learn beauty. If it is replaced by Weishang to sell multiple products at the same time, it will be very difficult.

    The community model is very important. We must think about what form to choose to operate the community. For example, the charging model of the community can choose the annual fees to enter the conference system, and the group will automatically dissolve after expiration. However, a certain fan foundation is required to ensure good conversion and renewal rates. You can also choose to enter the conference for life, provide some basic services, and sell some products by the way. For those who have no fan foundation, you can choose a free community model to pull new, and the effect of selling products is also good. You can also choose to buy a product to send community services. Consumers can buy your product to become a member for free and enjoy one -year service or lifelong service. Similar ones can also be charged to send products. For example, the weight loss community made before, membership will be given a price -equivalent product after paying, thereby reducing the difficulty of consumers' decision -making.

    The above four points are clearly considered during the preparation stage. The appropriate industry combines appropriate products to form a good community, thereby forming a good conversion and reputation accumulation. If you have a certain persistence in content marketing, you will continue to attract new members to join the community. For two or three years, it will form a hundred or even thousands of people. The start of the community model is indeed more difficult. Compared with the WeChat model, it will not have such a strong fission ability, but the stability will be strong. Therefore, you must persist in the early stage. As you do it, you will find that the situation is getting better and better, and the community of other types of products may be derived, which is worthy of persistence.

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