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  1. The nice and auspicious group names include: achieve great business groups, fame and fortune groups, Junlin Tianxia Group, Rising Suns to Heaven Group, Finally Capital Group, World Taiping Group, Famous Quartet Group, Gradually Progressive Group, League Lord Sifang Group, and can get expectations of public expectations. Groups, and so on.
    1, Achievement Group
    2, fame and fortune groups
    3, Junlin Tianxia Group
    4, rising sunburn heaven group
    7, Mingxian Sifang Group
    8, gradual progress group
    9, alliance master square group
    10, can get the popularity group
    11, Pingbu Qingyun group n12, blue sea blue sky group
    13, talent Jiyun group
    14, Dewang and both group
    15, splendid forward group
    16, future infinite group
    17, multi -use wisdom group
    18, capable of playing great achievements group
    19, Shuangxi Yingmen Group
    20, splendid forward group

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