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  1. How to effectively carry out WeChat promotion? Some stalls ask me to summarize, and share with you the following WeChat promotion tips, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
    How to effectively carry out WeChat promotion? Some stalls ask me to summarize and share with you the following WeChat promotion tips. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
    1. Determine who is the object of each communication, interaction, and push. The more the reader knows the person, the higher the trust, including his company position, name, and contact information.
    2, the purpose of WeChat operation is to maintain customer relationships, and use 99%of time to cultivate customers' trust. Don't always think about promotions. If you take 29 days in January to cultivate customers, 1 day of time promotion may be more effective. Please forget to sell with WeChat for the time being.
    3, WeChat marketing does not have any marketing tips. It is hard to get input and execution. It is impossible to obtain a large number of fans if you want to invest. Don't just stare at 3 months to obtain 900,000 fans. How much funds have invested and how much manpower invested. If you don't want to invest too much, you can choose to invest time, and your goal can be achieved.
    4. Don't be busy pushing a lot of content every day to potential customers, creating a topic that can communicate with readers. You need to know that all values ​​come from communication and push the best content.
    5. If you want to create more communication opportunities with readers, you must ask readers more questions. Ask the reader when I like to receive the content, I hope the readers will mention more opinions.
    6. Don't be stunned by the cases of 1 million fans in 3 months. No matter how many fans, if you can't convert it into value, it is still useless. The fans we need are those target fans, and the quality of fans is more important than fans.
    7. Publishing articles do not have to be a long story. It is best to cause readers to think. Generally, about three or five hundred words.
    8. Following the WeChat of competitors, if you follow the WeChat of 50 competitors, there will be 50 accounts to teach you how to do WeChat marketing. All you have to do is optimize all their methods. Remember: competitors are the best teachers.
    9. Novices start learning to play WeChat, start with high -quality WeChat, remember the methods of excellent players, it is best to take notes every day. Since the future operation.
    10, carefully analyze your own industry, whether you need to use WeChat public platforms, in fact, many SMEs and individual bosses can do business, such as barber shops, beauty shops, restaurants, fast food restaurants, etc. Essence Of course, there are also many industries that are not suitable for WeChat, such as the traditional civil engineering industry.
    11, how to create content, is it original, not necessarily, if you don't want to build the status of the industry's first leader, the content does not have to be original, but you must do one thing, that is, to join the determination of your own determination Views!
    12, we respect customers, but do not please customers, and the sooner or later will cancel attention. As long as you always provide value, you will always stay.
    13, WeChat marketing depends on channels. The advantage of the channel is that you can get stable fans every day, instead of entering 500 fans a day, and no fans' attention in 3 days.
    14, whether WeChat marketing is personal WeChat or WeChat public account, I think these two are not contradictory. It can take into account the operation. If you operate 1 to 2 people, it is recommended to use personal WeChat to operate. If it is a large store, you must use a public account.
    15. It takes a lot of time to make WeChat marketing. Fans set up a lot of time. Usually it takes 3 months of precipitation to receive some effects and profits. The most important thing is to continue.
    16. If you want to get a large number of fans in a short time, you must rely on the media. Remember: Successfully rely on the media. Of course, to choose the right media in combination with its own actual situation, whether it is paper media or online media or radio and television media.
    17, persistence is important. You write an article, readers do not necessarily recognize you, but when you write 50 to 100 articles, readers will definitely recognize you, so adhere to the most important.
    18. Pay attention to interaction. Because it is not like a micro B, it can attract a large number of people forwarding and commenting, and only to obtain the trust of customers through communication with customers.
    19. Before preparing marketing products, do a good job of planning for the entire product marketing. The content of push is the most important, because the content will directly affect the purchase of readers. The content preheating is the best way.
    20, WeChat is not a panacea. Now everyone has a misunderstanding. I hope that everything can be achieved through WeChat marketing. Eventually, before customers buy products, don't forget to let customers draw or order calls. Questions.
    21. Making WeChat marketing, it is best to use other products in Tencent, such as QQ and QQ space, the marketing effect is better, because future mobile Internet marketing will be marketing towards the chain of connections.
    22. Making WeChat marketing is equivalent to doing a precision of the industry, the key is the quality of the content. High -quality content will be shared by many people and will form virus marketing. Small and beautiful content strategy.
    23, WeChat's function itself is fixed, what can really make WeChat marketing play a role is the person behind WeChat marketing.
    24. Someone asked: Is WeChat marketing tools? I said, you think it is, you think you are not, you use it to kill it with a knife, it is a murderous tool. You do n’t have to discard it. Don't argue with others, Tencent knows it.
    25, do a good job of accurate keywords and reply functions, so that you can guide the reader. In what ways, you can better understand your own and your business and gain the trust of the reader.
    26, do not sit at home to learn WeChat marketing alone, often go to some WeChat marketing QQ groups, see what everyone is talking about, you can learn a lot in these groups.
    27, push, do not have to push articles every time, and promote some small knowledge and skills. It is also a good way. As long as it can help potential customers and readers.
    28, I see a lot of people, often selling products to my friends with WeChat, which is a wrong way. Doing this may make you lose this friend. If you want to use WeChat to do business, please apply for an account again to sell the product. Do not sell the product to your friends. This will make your friend feel that you are too inconvenient , Too utilitarian running with interests, many friends will leave you.
    29, the content of WeChat, choosing the right picture is very important. It is often necessary to obtain pictures in some industries with related Weibo, and to pay attention to details for WeChat marketing.
    30, push content, the best push content at night, because these time readers have enough time to read, push the content during the day, suitable for product promotion. At that time, customers could order products to bring real sales of the product.
    Thank you for your reading, you like it or not, I am here, as long as you have a trace of gain, it is my honor.

  2. I feel that you want to ask how to quickly increase the public account
    , we use more poster cracks and offline equipment to increase powder
    It is to suck powder in the form of prizes. If users want to get this prize, they need to invite friends to pay attention to the public account. The form of the prize when the task is completed
    offline equipment rises, mainly for example, free WIFI or electronic scale in public places. For equipment, you need to scan the code to follow the public account for free.

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