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  1. You are asking for people, there are actually tricks to do anything, and you do n’t listen to work. I summarized the following methods for you. You can refer to the reference
    The traditional way to find a job. Through the introduction of relatives or friends, this method is also the most used by most workers, especially the age comparison of age comparison Large, this is indeed a relatively easy -to -use way, and the job you find is relatively stable. But the speed of finding live is determined by the size of your circle. Therefore, widening the circle is one of the techniques for the construction site to find the living site.
    This method is a relatively stupid but real method on the premise of not many circles of your friend. It is to go to the construction site in person, especially those construction sites or decoration teams that are just starting to build. They must be a large number of people. Seizing such opportunities is not difficult to find work.
    This method is the most affairs and labor -saving type. Now the Internet is very developed, of course, finding a job can also be carried out online. You can download more recruitment software, especially the construction industry, software like fish bubble nets. There are a lot of information on the recruitment platform. You only need to browse on your mobile phone and make a call to contact. But there is a disadvantage that there are many online leave news that require personal identification. But in contrast, this method is indeed very good.
    In the job of finding a living, you still have to find the one that suits you according to your personal situation. I wish you a good job!

  2. You can work in the local labor market, or join a few local jobs, know a few more packaging heads, and use easy recruitment software to find work on it.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello! I am "Edison Chen" and I am very happy to answer this question for you. It takes a little time to finish the information and typing. Please wait patiently for me ... nKiss, 1. Find acquaintances recommendation: We must have just finished decoration, or friends who have been decorated before, please consult with them more to see if the other party can recommend the paint construction team. The advantage of a friend's recommendation is that you can use it with confidence, and you don't have to spend more time to find it. 2. Post information on the recruitment website: Like the company recruiting new employees, you can go to some regular recruitment websites to publish related recruitment information, let the painter automatically find the door to consult, and find the right one to start. This kind of finding a paint construction personnel takes more time to prepare, such as making recruitment documents, uploading requirements, reviewing workers, etc. 3. Go directly to the decoration company to find: Now there are many decoration companies in each city, which can basically provide paint services. You can go to the local decoration company to make your own requirements and let the other party provide you with a more appropriate painter. The above three ways to find paint workers have their own advantages. Everyone must choose according to their actual situation when choosing. In addition, when looking for paint workers, you must also judge the quality of paint workers correctly.nKiss, you can check the relevant content of your question here, because there are many pictures and text, so you can send it to you in a link. You can refer to it. You can check it.nHello, I am glad to answer questions for you  I hope my answer will help you. I can give me a 5 -star praise. If you have any questions in the later period, you can ask questions at any time. I wish you a happy life and happy every day nMore 2nBleak

  4. For paint workers, tile workers generally find work to go to your local labor market. Although there are not many recruitment information over there, you can also see it; you can also add several workers in the same city. Without some corresponding recruitment, you can also see if the workers inside can introduce it. There are quite a lot of online living platforms. In fact, you can also look at it. Big recruitment platforms can be tried; in general, finding work is still easy to find, and it takes more attention to it.

  5. Generally, you can choose to go to the labor market to see, that is, a little trouble, or it is to find the more popular network to find a live platform now. Many paint workers, the living of the tile workers, pretty good, finding more simply

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