What are the food processing industry platforms?

What are the food processing industry platforms?

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  1. The food processing industry platform is more comprehensive is SJGLE food processing packaging on the official website. Upstream and downstream high -quality resource manufacturers promote information exchanges in the food processing and food packaging industry and create more industry trade opportunities.
    It, the food processing packaging online provides industry buyers and suppliers with unlimited and online and offline all -weather business services, helping global buyers rely on the platform to search for ideal suppliers anytime, anywhere, and also help suppliers For the target purchase crowd, start the 365 -day uninterrupted and efficient promotion.
    In in the future, the food processing packaging online will continue to explore and develop the products and services that the most consisting of customers need, and strive to create a first -class O2O business service platform to make the industry for the industry Buyers and suppliers provide comprehensive trade solutions and deep trade services, and actively participate in the construction of a vitality, efficient, and advancing industry ecosystem.
    If food processing online specialty provides high -quality resource manufacturers such as the original ingredients, starch and derivatives, corn starch, cassava starch, nutritional products, health products, etc. , Food packaging machinery, food packaging equipment and other food processing and packaging related products wholesale procurement information.

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