2 thoughts on “How to use the company's WeChat robot?”

  1. Common WeChat robot setting steps are as follows: 1. Baidu search for "WeChat robot", and then find a WeChat robot according to your needs; 2. Click to complete the registration and login; 3. Enter background management, set up chat function, key key Automatic reply and Turing robot; 4. After setting, click to save, the function takes effect,

  2. Open the entrance on the mobile phone, enter the internal group chat of the company's WeChat, click the group in the upper right corner, and in the group chat information page, the members can see the addition of the group robot button and add the group robot. Open the entrance to the computer. You can find the robot button to find the mouse to right -click on the PC. Each group member can add internal group robots, which may be messy and difficult to manage. At this time, the administrator can also restrict the human rights of group robots in the application management of the company's WeChat management background. Essence The entrance to the external group is the same as the internal group, but the administrator needs to first manage the background in the corporate WeChat management

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