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  1. The news audience, as the starting point and destination of news activities, as the owner and service target of the journalism, as the basis of the survival and development of the journalism, the impact on the effect of communication is particularly important. The news audience group is the object of news media services. It is the majority of people who accept news, that is, the people who accept news media propaganda. Due to the publicity of the news, the psychology of the audience should be a topic of the heirs' key research. Understanding the characteristics of the psychology of the audience will help improve the effectiveness of news communication.
    The psychological characteristics of the news audience are four main points: accepting the psychological tolerance of psychology, from the psychology, rebellious psychology, and the audience. Let's analyze these four characteristics one by one.
    The first is to accept the psychology, which refers to a psychological state of the audience voluntarily accepting news orientation. The implication of the role is to convey the tendencies of the heir to the audience through the choice of news facts and specific expression forms in a hidden and potential way, and rely on the interpretation of the audience and the minds of the mind to play. For example, after the China -US collision incident in 2001, the American hacker launched an attack on the Chinese website. Chinese hackers (here are called Red Passengers) to resist, and various news websites have reported. Due to the influence of national emotions, most netizens, including many journalists, praised the Chinese hackers for the Chinese hacker. But if public opinion is only reported, it will inevitably incite the emotions of the audience and bring a certain social destruction. Therefore, the People's Daily Online published "Red Passenger" and "Hacker" all harmful to the order of network order. The article acknowledges that China's "Red Passenger" is a group of netizens with a sense of justice and patriotism, but whether Chinese "red customers" or American "hackers" are unforgivable illegal acts, and the behavior of attacking and destroying the website is unforgettable. Noble Chinese "Red Passenger" network attack behavior. Obviously, on the premise of identifying the general opinion of the public, the article further raises deeper issues, which is considerate and helps people understand the issues rationally. Such a report gives the audience a complete and correct understanding, and the overall effect of its hint is positive.
    In the psychology of the public refers to the audience's conscious or unconsciousness in the social perception, social judgment, attitude, and behavior in the interpersonal pressure caused by strong news and public opinion. The phenomenon. The audience's psychology is conducive to the formation of the people's internal agglomeration. For example, the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 killed at least 100,000 people, and countless families lost their parents, brothers and sisters. All news media in the world reported the scenes of scenes in a timely manner. In order to save the lives of others together, under the correct guidance of the news media, the help of assistance from all over the world for a while are only held together. This cooperation that carried forward the spirit of international humanitarianism surpassed racial differences, religious beliefs, and political differences, and became the most shiny place in the tsunami disaster relief. News reports condense the hearts of the people all over the world.

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